Is Your Pink Spoon Offer Enticing?

Is Your Pink Spoon Offer Enticing?

You have probably visited Baskin Robbins, the popular ice cream store.  And you probably asked for a sample taste of some of their 31 flavors, which was handed to you on a pink spoon, right?  My very first coach, Andrea Lee, borrowed the pink spoon concept in marketing, which is a valuable product such as an article, tips sheet, recording, special report, etc.  Blog visitors are presented with your pink spoon offer in exchange for their email address and permission to contact them later with more information about your products and services.

Do give your blog readers as an incentive to join your list? If not, you should. Of course, you could simply put a box on your blog and just ask people to enter their email addressbut the truth is that not many people will do that. They need to have a reason for giving you their personal information. People are accustomed to receiving some type of freebie to make signing up for your list a no-brainer for them.  They will have to subscribe to your list to receive your pink spoon offer.  Only provide the download link in an email.

You should consider your target market when deciding what type of freebie to offer.

What do they want?

What sort of problem do they have that you can solve?

What sort of information are they desperate to get their hands on?

I suggest that you offer high quality content–something that has a monetary value of approximately $50. You want people to be so impressed with your free offer that they just know that your paid products are even more amazing!

Free Offer Suggestions

Some suggestions for your pink spoon offer that can be immediately delivered when someone joins your list:

An eBook/report

An eCourse spanning multiple days

Valuable software.

An audio of an expert interview

A video tutorial

Blog themes

Screen savers

A free teleseminar

One month access to a private members site

A 15-minute consultation (provided you have a paid upsell product in your marketing funnel)

Remember, the purpose of your pink spoon offer is to obtain the contact details and hopefully to enhance your reputation.  Unless you are a copywriter (in which case you have no problem with this task) it is not normally about showing off your writing skills. Therefore, as long as your content is good, don't try to be perfect with writing and grammar.  Feel free to ask someone to help you–whether it is a favor from a friend or a hired professional.  They can help you in some of the following ways:

  1. Write the report for you
  2. Edit or comment on what you create
  3. Interview you for audio or video
  4. Transcribe an interview or presentation

You can hire freelancers to do this type of work at sites such as  I recommend that you avoid giving away other people's products or using content that is in the public domain. If people have seen this already, it may diminish rather than enhance your reputation.  Similarly I don't recommend using content purchased by private label rights from other people unless you make a lot of changes to make it your own.

Segment Your List

One of the best ways to create a more responsive list is by researching your list members. You want to know as much as you can about them. When you know what each of your subscribers prefer, you can easily segment your list and distribute highly-targeted offers. You can segment your list by creating a checklist as part of the newsletter sign-up and ask subscribers to indicate their interests. For example, if you have a food blog, you might ask:

What type of diet do you follow? Please select from the following list:

  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • low carb
  • paleo
  • gluten-free

You can also learn what your list likes through surveys. You can do this with SurveyMonkey via email or social media.   After you conduct the above research, you will be able to write highly-targeted emails. For example, if you are offering coupons for a newly-released vegan food plan, you can use your segmented list to speak directly to those readers expressing an interest in vegan cuisine. You can then send a general offer to the rest of your list. This type of segmenting can result in higher conversion rates.

Conduct your own tests to see how segmenting your list can boost your profits.

Take Fast Action

The most important thing is to get moving quickly and create something now.   Too often I find people are being held back because they are wasting time thinking about it. Or they spend months preparing what they think is the perfect masterpiece.  You can tweak it over time if you like but I find most people quite happily stick with what they have at the start. The first hurdle always seems the highest.

As Andrea says, "Free tastes mean big business".

Decide today what your pink spoon offer will be and get started on creating it today. 


About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. I love calling this the Pink Spoon title to this! I do offer a freebie for signing up, and readers of fiction have really liked it. I’m not sure it has the same effect on non-readers though! But am not really sure what to do about that.
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…The United States Is . . .My Profile

  2. Love borrowing The Pink Spoon and it is one of the first things we learn- build your email list with an offer. We are experimenting with that and have tried a few ideas suitable to our product. It is also said often you have to try & test to see what works for you.

  3. Great post. It’s something I have been working on recently. I would also add that you need a good content marketing company that can handle what you want to do. I stayed with one company way too long and should have changed years ago. I wish I did it sooner. I would probably have more people on my list now.

  4. Excellent advice Laverne. I especially like your suggestion about learning from our readers. One very simple tweak I made to my welcome email is asking my new subscribers to tell me what their biggest challenge is at the moment and what I can do to help them. While not everyone responds, many do and I’ve gained a wealth of information from those emails.

    As far as my “pink spoon” offer, I’ve tried a few different things and eBooks have worked well, but later this month I plan to introduce a free eCourse because I want to use it to test run a few ideas on a series I want to launch this fall. Really looking forward to seeing how my current and new readers respond.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Mistakes Are Our Gateway to Self-DiscoveryMy Profile

  5. It’s so hard to decide what to use as a pink spoon offer, Rachel, particularly as I don’t fit into any one niche. I offer crafts projects each week, often write fiction, plus cover a huge range of other subjects. The idea of making a checklist to help to segment email lists is a really good idea – that way I’d know I’m offering the right content to the right people.
    Tamuria recently posted…3 EASY WAYS TO MAKE STAINED GLASS – WITHOUT THE GLASSMy Profile

  6. I hadn’t heard of the freebie being called the pink spoon. It’s a clever way to describe it though.

  7. I have two different ‘pink spoon’ offers for signing up for my list. One is on my site and the other is a special offer for joint ventures or book launches I participate in with others. It seems people like them both, however, I know there are always more valuable things one can create to keep the new subscribers rolling in. Often I find that when I collaborate with others, those who sign up, do not necessarily stay on my list, as they are only there for as many freebies as they can get. Great ideas in this post, Rachel. I think having an enticing pink spoon freebie is essential for those in a service or product business.
    Beverley Golden recently posted…The Beauty and Fascination of TimeMy Profile

    • Ah, the Freebie Seekers.  I think most lists have their share of them.  A list of freebie seekers can be a waste of time; however, you can oftentimes still make money from them.  If you build a relationship with them, it is possible to convert them into buyers over time. Persistence is the key. 

  8. Thanks for sharing an awesome post Rachel!

    I love your advice and examples, about how and why to segment your list!

    Restaurants, and or mystery novel writers, could just as easily adopt your
    proven strategy as well.

    And the state I used to reside in, had a Baskin Robbins franchise.And your
    final advice is extremely critical as well!You’ve got to begin first!

    And tweak and adjust as you go!Great post!I’ll definitely share it!
    Mark recently posted…Why So Many Extremely Savvy Marketers Are Good At Blogger Outreach!My Profile

  9. Hello Rachel.

    It’s been quite awhile since I have come for a visit. This post got my attention right away because it’s so timely for me. I have reinvented myself and I’m preparing to launch again.

    You have some really creative yet constructive ideas on how to enhance your image and reach the right people. I appreciate all of the information you have given and I will be back.

    I think I’ll sign up while I’m here, too! Fabulous post!


  10. Rachel I love the look of your site. This post was a great reminder to finish my free report for by blog. Look forward to reading more and will share your site with others.

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