Get Clear on Your Blog’s Features and Benefits

Get Clear on Your Blog’s Features and Benefits

I was talking to my business coach about features vs. benefits yesterday. 
blogs-features-vs-benefitsA feature is something your blog has: great sales tips, insider information on the financial market, diagrams and patterns for the ultimate costuming experience. Finding the feature of your blog should not be that hard.
Finding the benefit is a lot harder. A benefit is why your customer gives a darn about said feature.
This can be a hard leap to make, particularly for bloggers. If someone is interested in a topic, they should also be interested in a blog on that topic, right?  A no-brainer. 
That argument does not fly. If a reader is interested in music, they have a huge bookstore full of options for reading about music. Historically, fictionally, sentimentally–you name it. Lots of places to read about music. But the readers do not read those books. They read your blog. Why?
Perhaps your blog talks a lot about bands they already know they like and often introduces them to new bands. New band introduction is a feature. What is the benefit? They get to be that person who knows about a new band before anyone else does.
Perhaps your blog talks about the technical side of music:  how to do complex guitar riffs that no one else can do. That is a feature. The benefit is being able to school that loser who thinks he can get all the ladies just because he can play a few chords on his acoustic.
People read blogs about marketing because they want to a profitable business.
People read blogs about recipes because they want to impress their friends at dinner parties with fancy dishes.
People read blogs about politics because they want to win arguments with other people about politics.
People read blogs about blogging because they want their blog to be as successful as the blogger's blog.
If you are stuck for benefits, pretend you are explaining what you do to a four-year-old child. The conversation is going to contain a lot of whys and if you are an easily-frustrated person, you are probably going to either distract the child with candy or walk away.
You have the four-year-old of Terminal Annoyance in front of you. Explain to the child why people should buy what you are selling.
"Because it is interesting."
"So?" says the four-year-old.
"Well, interesting things are fun to think about."
"Why?" says the four-year-old.
"Because when you don't have anything to think about, you are bored."
"So?" says the four-year-old, who is now very close to committing suicide by blogger.
"Look," you finally say. "When you never think about anything, you are a boring person. And other people think you are a boring person. Do you want people to think you are a boring person or a non-boring person?"
The four-year-old considers this. "Do you like boring people?"
"No. No one likes boring people."
Blogs that focus on information are often about making you think. The reason you want to think is that interesting thoughts make for interesting conversation. If you are the most interesting person in the room, chances are you are the one getting all the phone numbers.
That is one benefit of an information blog. It makes people think you are interesting.
My assignment was to go think of five benefits my blog affords my readers. If  I  have to, I will go kidnap a four-year-old.
A benefit for every feature means I am drinking fine champagne this time next month. Features with no benefits means I am drinking two dollar wine out of the box.
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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Great analogy of the four year old. They know how to make us break it down, don't they? 🙂 I like to ask myself "so what?" as I'm writing. Thanks for posting this explanation.

  2. This is a test comment.

    testing recently posted…New Discovery Reveals How To End ProcrastinationMy Profile

  3. Keri Kight

    A blog should have it's own benefits, and personality.  This is what sets it apart from the thousands of other blogs out there.  Thanks Rachel! 🙂

  4. Great post! Loads of great tips!

  5. Great reminder!!  Features vs Benefits and developing your sense of identity in your blog is SO important…that's how you create your Brand! 🙂

  6. You have me thinking as I am starting up my blog fresh after a long break.  Thanks!  Saw you over at SITS!

    • A fresh start can be a wonderful place to be, eh?  It’s time for something bigger for your blog–more readers, more profits, etc.

  7. Hello
    I love the way you explain the simpleness of how to tell others that blogging isn't hard if you do it simply.  In a way we can understand  and apply it ourselves.

    Yes 4 year old ask a million questions at times, but they are learning.  🙂 So now we need to explain things so that others will be saying i get it, i understand what you are saying…  how can we do that and come back to us for more.

    thankyou for sharing.


    Lisa recently posted…Do You want Support in Network Marketing?My Profile

    • Agreed…because a confused mind always says ‘no’.

    • You are so correct Lisa.  Simplify so that even a child can understand…we don’t want any of our readers/prospects questions left unanswered.

  8. Rachel Hall

    I do think that is the most difficult thing, making your blog stand out and be

    of benefit to people.

    Rachel Hall recently posted…What Is The Point Of Vlogging?My Profile

    • I do believe that it is a goal that we need to strive toward Rachel; otherwise we look like every other blog out there.

  9. This blog really made me think. I read your assignment "go think of 5 benefits my blog affords my readers' and thought I need to go do this.

    Excellent information and necessary for us bloggers 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,


  10. Never thought of it that way, in terms of features and benefits, but it makes perfect sense. Also for me as a Blogger. I will think  uch ore about what benefits I am providing, that will make readers want to listen. 

    Thanks for posting. 

    Princess Shimari recently posted…WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM “READING FOOD LABELS”….…EPISODE 1My Profile

    • I had not really been thinking of my blogs in those terms either before yesterday; however, I will be more focused going forward.

  11. Benefits of my blog is to learn how to stay healthy from many different aspects.
    Debbie recently posted…Container gardening…My Profile

  12. Rachel I really like the idea of thinking of your blog post in terms of features and benefits rather than just content.

  13. Leanne Chesser

    I've read a lot of info about features and benefits and this is definitely one of the best. I love how you've explained it. Thinking about explaining things to a child really helps bring the "so what?" idea alive for me. 

  14. I get so serious about content. It's important for sure. Your blog gave me a much needed laugh – and some perspective.
    Thanks, Karen:)

    Karen Hoyt recently posted…Are You Ashamed of Being Judged for Having Hepatitis CMy Profile

  15. Hi Rachel!

    I love the way you used the example of a four year old child.  When writing, we must never assume everyone knows what we are talking about.  We do need to break it down as simple as possible.  

    No matter what our niche is, simplicity, a dash of humor (like you have done here) and some good information always wins.

    I'm sure you will be drinking champagne my friend!



  16. Hmmm… 5 benefits of my new blog! Thanks Rachel for making me think. 

    Dems recently posted…Blessed is the one who finds wisdomMy Profile

  17. Thanks for explaining everything to this blog. This is nice of you.

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