Worthy Business Goal Ideas for 2015

Worthy Business Goal Ideas for 2015

Have you set an audacious business goal for yourself lately? If it had been a while, why? The key to boldly embodying your brilliance in your business lies in your willingness to set audacious business goals and take action steps every day to get there. If you do not, you will most likely get bogged down by the details of your daily activities and lose sight of the bigger picture. I am a big believer to goal setting: Setting them, attaining them, taking steps each day to attain them, achieving them and then upping the bar.

Regardless of what audacious goal you set for yourself today, give yourself permission to dream BIG. Then, identify action steps you can take every day to achieve these goals. What some suggestions. Some of the following goals may not apply to you, some you may have already done. But they will get your ideas flowing.

  • Develop your welcome packet for new clients
  • Purchase the necessary office equipment/software you need
  • Implement a calendaring and collaboration system
  • Create a detailed plan to transition from day J.O.B. to full time entrepreneur
  • Educate yourself on the computer programs you need
  • Develop a brochure or one sheet
  • Register every domain name that appeals to you
  • Have a web page built after you choose a host, designer, and maintainer
  • Start a Support Team list
  • Build your contact database and start thinking about centers of influence
  • Have some great pictures taken of yourself for your materials (be sure you own the pictures!)
  • Focusing on your first niche, identify online and offline organizations for marketing and networking opportunities
  • Stop and ask, “Am I taking care of me?” Put some good habits into place
  • Research everything about your industry
  • Decide the services you will provide based on your experience and talents
  • Surround yourself with colleagues who are higher than you on the success ladder
  • Identify your first three income streams for your business
  • Begin talking to EVERYONE about your new business
  • Address any marketing or business start-up fears
  • Develop some quick and easy “freebies” or leave-behind items (bookmark, Top 10 list, etc.)
  • Join professional organizations, web groups, and publications in your niche area
  • Build a list of friends, family, and past/current colleagues you want to notify first about your new business
  • Develop consultation and follow-up forms for client prospects
  • Identify your first niche market
  • Get yourself linked and visible on forums and appropriate web sites
  • Start a blog
  • Develop a newsletter
  • Develop a business card
  • Set up a filing system that makes sense to you and is easy to use
  • Set up your office to fully support your working habits
  • Talk to your attorney re optimal legal entity structure for your business, contract and policies text, legal liabilities
  • Talk to your insurance agent re health insurance, liability insurance, disability insurance, equipment/office insurance
  • Talk to your financial planner re cash flow, retirement planning, building reserves
  • Talk to your accountant and/or tax specialist re financial record keeping, tax planning, billing system, business planning
  • Set up checking and proper business accounts
  • File a DBA (Doing Business As) Name
  • ​Meet with your marketing and PR professional about developing  a logo, company name and tag line, media kit, branding support, stationery and supporting materials
  • Meet with your telecommunications professional re necessary telephone lines, equipment needs (headset, phones, fax, cell phone), long distance rates, voicemail services
  • Make a doable, one page business plan
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Create a tracking system to document where clients are coming from
  • Organize + schedule your time
  • Develop systems and build a team to automate your business

What else can you think of?  What audacious business goal can you set today and what actions will you take each day to attain it? Post your response on this blog and let me know how I can support you with it.


About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Rachel,
    Very pleased to see your site. Have seen you in various groups but never read your site before.
    Excellent information, just what I was wanting.

    Will be a regular visitor, not just extra credit on Lesly’s spread page!
    Kathryn recently posted…Women are leading in Social MediaMy Profile

  2. Wow! That is a great list. I have only recently started my blog so most of these ideas are far beyond me at this point, but I have set some achievable goals I plan to focus on. I think that is your point anyway, to focus on your business no matter how large or small. Here is the link to my blog’s goals for this year: http://faithfilledchaos.com/2015/01/03/2015-goals-for-our-blog/
    Maybe it will be helpful for others who aren’t ready for all the amazing goals you listed above. Good luck with your success this year!

  3. Great ideas on how to make some really big goals for 2015 when it comes to your business. My big task is working on my cash calendar and using the different methods on how to bring the revenue that I would like to have. And then breaking those activities into smaller tasks that I can make progress on every day. Thanks for this great post!
    Kristen Robinson recently posted…My Personal Tribute to Stuart ScottMy Profile

  4. Loved your site Rachel my first visit but I’ve seen your Facebook page for some time

    That is quite the impressive list, although it would terrify me.

    Better to start somewhere and then look for what’s next is how I generally do things.
    Mary Sloane recently posted…Make 2015 a Regret FREE ZoneMy Profile

  5. Hi Rachel,
    I like your list, all the things you listed are awesome.
    Have some in place, and have some in my list 🙂
    thanks for sharing really good tips and very motivational.

    Have a fantastic day,
    Emi recently posted…Instagram Content PhotosMy Profile

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Wow…what a helpful list you have given us! I had made my own list at the end of 2014. I can tell you it was longer than this he he. I had everything prepared for the New Year..I even purchased more comfortable furniture for my home office. I set the stage of my surroundings.

    Then the list: Because I’m going to roll out a major marketing plan, this list is so long, we couldn’t fit it on the white board lol.
    But the bottom line is to have our goals set. Be realistic about our time management and chip away at our goals every day.

    donna merrill recently posted…Look Back To Move ForwardMy Profile

    • Wow Donna, you have a longer list than this one.  You are really on the ball, athough I am not surprised. I can’t wait to see what you will be doing and, of course,  I wish you much success in 2015.  Surprisingly, my list is not long at all since I landed a nice corporate training contract that will take up 80 percent of my time thru May. 

      You will have to post photos of your home office.  If you post them on Facebook, would you please tag me so I’ll be sure to see them (since I don’t log on every day)?  Would you believe that the redecorating bug just bit me yesterday?  I can’t decide if I should do my kitchen or home office first.

  7. Thank you for the amazing suggestions – I will definitely spend some time to revise my existing marketing strategy and one of my top goals this year is to build a new list with email subscribers to market my product promotions. I can’t agree more that actionable plan is essential for every business and this is one of the best things to do at the beginning of every year!
    Rick Siderfin recently posted…5 Quick Ways To Make A Big ImpactMy Profile

  8. I wouldn’t even try to add to your list, Rachel — it’s comprehensive enough for me! I’ve bookmarked this post so I can come back to it again and again. Thanks for sharing!
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Week 17 – Ease and Perfection are Gained by RepetitionMy Profile

  9. Appreciation from my side for some of the best out of box ideas which leads to success,As in online marketing the best way to excel is learn and implement on daily basis which helps alot to ensure the targets
    Many thanks

  10. Thecheapaccountant.co.uk :

    Hi Rachel,

    You’ve created a great list with goals for business owners of any kind. I simply love it!

    I currently work as an accountant, but your suggestions are great for anyone out there. I strongly recommend your blog!


  11. Hey Rachel, thanks for the great list!
    Here I have a few suggestions from my experience:
    1. Keep employees happy
    2. Use social media and engage your audience

  12. Rachel,

    Your list provides a great incentive for any entrepreneur to get moving in the right direction. I especially like the doable, one page business plan. It puts everything into perspective
    Email Marketing Strategy recently posted…5 Small Business Web Marketing TipsMy Profile

  13. Tanya Green :

    This is an awesome list but I would add one more item to it in the first position which would read as follows:

    “Print out this page and tick each item off it as you complete it.”

    Thanks so much for the post.
    Tanya Green from http://www.workplacesafetywarehouse.com
    PS. Stay safe.

  14. Hi, Rachel.

    I love the idea of dreaming big.

    Goals are more likely to be achieved when broken down into bite-size pieces. So when we look at things in that way, we need not limit ourselves unnecessarily.

    Thanks for sharing. Tweeting soon.

    Nathan Ambrose recently posted…Build a Better Business By Achieving Your GoalsMy Profile

  15. very nice idea you share for worthy business.Dreaming big is one of the best and most important idea i like.

  16. nice article
    to succeed there must be a plan and targets

  17. Well I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  18. Hi Racheal

    Good list there,,, a big one 😉

    Most of the things you have mentioned is what every business owner knows but may not follow and that is the difference between a business that sticks and the one that don’t get through it’s infant stage.

    I use a lot of help from free online resources to get a few things done like business cards, email signatures, my website hosting, a good brandable domain name.

    Many people don’t know where to start but if they look online for a service they will find a real good one that can help them getting a few of the above things done and that too free of cost 🙂


  19. Awesome post…Thanks for sharing it.
    Its really a valuable one for all the entrepreneurs whether they are working from home or by settling a proper business at a place.
    You have mentioned so many important points which are the basics for the growth of the business but most of the people are unaware from these beneficial points.
    And the main thing is to maintain relationship with clients by not breaking their trust and by interacting with them and try to think from their point of view.
    Thanks buddy and keep sharing these types of posts. Well done 🙂
    Doug Pierce recently posted…Getting Out of the House: 5 Reasons Your Office Should Be In A Business CenterMy Profile

  20. Hey Racheal,

    Superb…You have written a very useful post for the business startups. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Currently, I am working as an online vendor and I know how important to implement the marketing strategy in a right way.

    Although, I have well acquainted with many of your mentioned tips but I would love to bookmark your blog to make myself reminding of all of these above necessary tips time to time. Thank you.

  21. Thank you for the post..

    All the points that you have described here are very useful for every business man. As, I am also a business woman and I think your this article will help me a lot in my business growth.

    I always keep on searching for some good and innovative ideas for the growth of my business and your this article made my search worth. 🙂
    lily matheww recently posted…The Best Places To Grab A Bite In Downtown LAMy Profile

  22. Great list. I like to think BIG myself, but I usually don’t reach my goals : ( . I really have to come up with a better plan for 2016.

    I believe this is the year that I’ll succeed.
    Marlen recently posted…Project Breakthrough Real ReviewMy Profile

  23. Yes this is very good article and it has most important information.
    you have great list I have seen and thanks for sharing this valuable article.

  24. “The fact is, you have more potential than you could use in a hundred lifetimes. And the more of your potential you use, the more potential becomes available to you” Brian Tracy

  25. Great Post with more and more Wonderful Points & Tips. You have done a great job.
    Thanks for sharing this very important article. I am Searching that type of great article.

  26. Creating your own business goals helps you determine the financial health of your company. When creating your business goals you must evaluate what will be your the status of your company at various intervals. You also must set goals to secure that all aspects of your enterprise are progressing as you originally planned or better.

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