Is It True or Just What You Believe?

Is It True or Just What You Believe?

I am currently reading The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts for my personal and spiritual development.  Following is an excerpt from the book that was a big reminder for me and perhaps it will be for you also:  

You form the fabric of your experience through your beliefs and expectations. These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality will affect your thoughts and emotions. You take your beliefs about reality as truth, and often do not question them. They seem self-explanatory. They appear in your mind as statements of fact, far too obvious for examination. 

Therefore they are accepted without question too often. They are not recognized as beliefs about reality, but are instead considered characteristics of reality itself. Frequently such ideas appear indisputable, so a part of you that it does not occur to you to speculate about their validity. They become invisible assumptions, but they nevertheless color and form your personal experience.


Although I already knew this, I still needed a reminder as I thought about and uncovered some of the limiting beliefs that are now forming my personal experience.  

I have done a lot of work on my personal development journey and have turned around many of the limiting beliefs I have had about myself and life in the past.  I found that I need to dig even deeper, identify the areas of my life where I am currently struggling with and recognize that it is happening because of my beliefs about my circumstances and about myself. 

I uncovered a belief about myself that was hidden so well, not wanting to be seen, that it took a a lot of effort and pushing my ego aside to recognize it. Ah…now I have more work to do.

Being an entrepreneur grows us ways I could never imagine.  I have come right up against all the places in me that are small, scared, constricted, and coming from scarcity.  I have wanted to run away, hide under the covers, doubt my calling, and busy myself with mindless distractions that feel good but did not get me anywhere. In the past, I have succumbed to the allure of a bright shiny program, hoping it was the missing ingredient to  overnight six-figure success and save me from having to do the challenging inner work. 

If you stick with it, being an entrepreneur is its own spiritual journey of becoming.  If you walk it long enough, you will burn replace many of your limiting beliefs with empowering ones and blossom into a woman of wisdom and power.  You will  become unrecognizable to your previous self in extraordinary ways and carry your great work out into the world in the form of a thriving business. 



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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. I understand exactly how you feel. Being an entrepreneur has brought out qualities in me I never knew I had. I live it though. I wouldn’t trade it for the world

  2. I wish I was more savvy!

  3. Tandy Elisala

    Great post. I really resonated with the first sentence of the excerpt from the book: You form the fabric of your existence based on your thoughts and beliefs…and expectations. Thanks for the reminder.
    Tandy Elisala recently posted…Transition of care considerations: Day 21 of 30 Day Family Caregiver SeriesMy Profile

  4. Lori Gosselin

    Hi Rachel!
    In different ways we wrote about the same thing today! 🙂
    I find this stuff SO fascinating! I agree with you; being an entrepreneur pushes you in ways a job never would. What a fun ride (at times) 😮
    Lori Gosselin recently posted…How to Create Your Personal GPSMy Profile

  5. Hi Rachel,
    Good post. I think we all grow when we decide we are going to start a business online and sometimes we also fall back to the “instant” gratification “Shiny Object Syndrome.” The key is to keep fighting it and working at what you have started until you succeed.

    Have a great day. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…WordPress Updates – Don’t Get In A Rush To UpdateMy Profile

  6. donna merrill

    Hi Rachel,

    Oh I know the feeling! I don’t think our personal development will ever stop growing and that, to me, is a good thing.

    The more I do it, the more I find stuff buried deep inside that makes me tick the way I do. But improvement is my middle name! I love growth, especially deep into the sub conscious.

    Being peaceful and feeling self worth is the best thing I have ever accomplished. Also finding that “power within” is sure a great feeling!

    donna merrill recently posted…My 200th Blog Post CelebrationMy Profile

  7. Karen Peltier

    This is a really nice post, Rachel. I definitely agree that we all have our own particular perceptions of reality based on our experiences, beliefs, and knowledge of the world around us, but that we can “step out” of this self-constructed world and overcome any self-imposed limitations. Two of my favorite ways of doing this are by meditating and also spending time with friends who see things differently than I do.
    Karen Peltier recently posted…Jazz Up Your Cooking with Healthy and Tasty Edible FlowersMy Profile

  8. It’s so interesting how your assumptions and beliefs expand when your life expands – or when you go through a growth experience and don’t contract but embrace what’s new – so becoming an entrepreneur naturally broadens everything you believe in – because it challenges some old assumptions about yourself and your belief structure – and forces you to re-evaluate
    Marty Diamond recently posted…Website Design: Your Business Needs to Look Like a BusinessMy Profile

  9. I definitely connect with that excerpt as it’s a really true. I’ve also had thoughts of just giving up in the past… but I’ve always known… making money isn’t always easy. Dealing with other people is not always easy either.
    Nile recently posted…Why I Left HostGatorMy Profile

  10. Elizabeth :

    So true! The beliefs that we hold inside need to be categorized: Truth, truth, or lie. There are so many lies that just run rampant in our own personal belief systems that can truly devastate our outlooks. It is so important to see the Truths in our lives, and practice them. Thanks for a good reminder. Found you at SITS!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Succulent Madness: A Mother’s Day IdeaMy Profile

  11. Justin Stanford :

    Hey thanks for this! It’s a very thoughtful and introspective post, I need to think this way more often.

  12. Wow Rachel!

    This is a totally awesome post! And you really hit on so many personal development opportunities (temporary disguised) as issues!

    It almost seems as though you were simply looking into a window of my soul and merely describing the most obvious challenges!

    I love the phrase you used “being an entrepreneur is its own spiritual journey of becoming!” Isn’t that the truth! I must confess, as a result of reading your post, it has made taking the journey of inner exploration, a whole lot less intimidating! Thanks for that! You did a fabulous job!

    And I’ll definitely share this inspirational post!
    Mark recently posted…Bet You Never Thought Your Kids Paper Route Could Teach These Three Powerful Marketing Lessons Did You?My Profile

  13. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Rachel,

    Big fan of uncovering limiters here when they exist. Smart reminder!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…What Powerful Affirmation Dissolves Jealousy and Lets Money Flow into Your Life Freely?My Profile

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