Tip for Creating Juicy and Useful Posts

Tip for Creating Juicy and Useful Posts

A big challenge bloggers have is creating fresh content consistently. 

You were probably motivated to start a blog because you wanted to write about things that interest your audience:  addressing their cares, useful tips, fill information gaps or entertaining stories. 

Believe it or not, there is no need to stress over creating brand new material all the time.  The following technique can be used for a new topic or even on something you have already blogged about:

Mind-mapping never fails to produce new and interesting topics for a blog.  To create a mind-map:  

  1. Draw a circle in the middle of a blank sheet of paper
  2. In the center of the circle write either the topic of a previous post that could be expanded OR one of the categories you intend to cover in your blog.
  3. Set your timer for two minutes and brainstorm on ideas to expand on the topic or category.  Write these ideas all over the page.
  4. Draw a circle around each new idea
  5. Draw a line connecting each idea circle to the center circle.

Let your creativity flow–do not censor your ideas.  Simply list them as they come to you.  

See how much you can accomplish in two minutes.  If you find yourself on a roll after two minutes, keep on going.  Aim for at least 20 post ideas.

Lorelle on WordPress is a great resource that shares over 400 sites to gather ideas for your blog.

Mind-mapping can be a fun and productive exercise and you should never find yourself whining that you do not know what to blog about!


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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. I love mind mapping – it's like doodling with a purpose!

    Lorraine McNulty recently posted…Thank You 30 Day Blogging Challenge BloggersMy Profile

  2. This sounds like a great idea Rachel! Thanks heaps for sharing. I often get caught up in overthinking what to write about, trying to predict what my readers will actually read! I'm going to try this 'mind mapping' for sure – I love Lorraine's comment about it being 'doodling on purpose!'

    • I, too, loved "doodling with a purpose" Sonia.  Mind mapping is a lot of fun…there is not telling where you will go with it.

  3. I have imindmap fom Tony Buzan. I find it so helpful to "brain dump" into a mind map. It just makes everything seem much clearer and simplifies challenges. Thanks for the great post Rachel.

    • I am not familiar with imindmap…is it software?  I attempted to use mindmapping software quite some time ago; however, I really like using pen (multiple colors) and paper.  Whatever works, right?

  4. I was just at a conference this week and they were talking about mind mapping, except they named a software and showed it on the screen! Great tool!

    • Okay…perhaps you are thinking of the same software that Helen mentions.  It is interesting that I don't like the mindmapping software seeing that I was an IT Consultant for many years LOL

  5. Hello Rachel,

    What helps me is making a schedule for my New Beginnings blog. So, Mondays is "Moola Mondays" and I write about something related to money and transitions. Tuesdays is "Teacher Tuesdays" and I write about school or education. Wednesday is "Worky Wednesdays" and I write about career.

    Then, I use mind mapping, lists, and google alerts to narrow down to a specific blog post. I love my schedule – it helps me focus! Today is "Freeday Friday", and I wrote about Olympic athetes' success secrets 🙂

    Thank you for reminding me of the power of mind mapping!

    Stay true to you,


    Laurie recently posted…The Secret of Success for Olympic AthletesMy Profile

    • I can see how having each day of the week represent a theme can add simplicity in creating blog posts.  I like that kind of concentration.

  6. Great idea, will give it a go Rachel

  7. I am always amazed at the places a mind map can go!!  Love them!!

    Agnes Knowles recently posted…I Think Mae West Could Have Been An Entrepreneur!My Profile

  8. Awesome 🙂 I love it Rachel

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Keri Kight

    Rachel I just did this yesterday to map out my blog post for the next few months.  I put the name of my client in the middle, and wrote down everything my client needed help with or needed to work on.  I used a poster board for it because I knew I had so many ideas.  Now I have one blog post scheduled per week for the next 6 months.  I plan to write 2 a week, and I feel that inspiration will help me come up the second post.  I love mind mapping.  

    Keri Kight recently posted…The Risks of Being a People PleaserMy Profile

    • I am envious of you Keri–you are set for blog posts for the next six months!  Actually, if you will be participating in the November blog challenge, you may exhaust of those ideas.  

  10. I have never tried mind mapping.  Coming up with new posts can be stressfull.   I will give mind mapping a try.  Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lisa Mallis

    Mind mapping is such a great tool for getting everything out of your head and into a place where you can start to use all the ideas!  I use mindmapping when I'm planning out a new program or presentation.  Once I've finished my brain dump, I can start to streamline, organize, and implement!

    Similar to Laurie, I also theme the days of the week for my blog.  "Me Monday's" where I try to relate time managment to my life.  "Content Wednesday's" (a "w" word for content would be cool . . .!!) when I go into a little more detail on time saving techniques, books, or apps and "Fun Friday's" where I use cartoons, funny videos, to liven up my blog.  I don't always follow the theme, but it gives me a place to start.  I keep an editorial calendar and as ideas for different posts come into my brain, I capture them on the calendar.  So far, this has helped the "staring at the blank screen" syndrome!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!



    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Spinning Your Wheels? Try This!My Profile

    • Oh my.  Do I ever remember staring at a blank screen because it was just too hard coming up with ideas for blog posts all the time.  I think that I was wishing that someone else would come along and write it for me  LOL.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas Lisa.

  12. Thanks for the tips on Mindmapping, Rachel.  I definitely need to do this.  So many things are floating around in my mind at any one moment…  If I get it down on paper, it will be easier to implement.

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