Take Back Your Control

Take Back Your Control

controlWhat if you could always resist temptation?

Or stay completely focused?

Or have iron control over yourself all the time?

Self control, self discipline or just will power are all within YOUR control.  And taking back that control will help you grow and prosper beyond your wildest dreams!

Here are a few suggestions that might help:

Take Control

Take deliberate control of your thoughts and emotions. Think back to moments when you were in control.  How did it feel?  Use those positive memories to reinforce the power of being in charge all the time.

Self confidence and feeling good has a major ‘hormonal’ element and you can change the way you feel by re-living
good times.

Think About Other Things

When you start feeling self-conscious or embarrassed, think about something else.  Anything.  Look at what is on your desk.  Or on the wall in front of you.  Study the different textures and colors.  Wonder who made it?  What skills might have been used to do it?

As long as you keep your attention OFF yourself, the moment of self-consciousness will pass and you can get back in control.

 Remember Your Purpose

When you are not sure about what to do, it is difficult to retain self control or lack self-consciousness.  If this happens, think for a moment about the reasons you are doing what you are.

If there are other people, make contact.  They may be just as uncomfortable as you!  Try and make them feel easy.  Talk business.  As long as your mind is occupied, you will not feel self-conscious.

Do Not Be Self Critical

Criticism is rarely constructive and often harmful. Worst of all forms is self-criticism.

Remember how many folks think:  “Oh, I dropped that glass.  How clumsy of me.  I am good for nothing.”

A confident person, on the other hand, thinks: “Oops, that slipped out!  Let me clean up and then get back to doing that important task I am here to do.”

Never let yourself make sweeping negative remarks about yourself.  It will destroy your self image.  By controlling it, you take charge of your self-confidence.  And in time, this impact is huge.

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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Great post! I'm more often than not, very self critical. I'm my own worst enemy!

  2. Oh these are awesome tips!  Staying on track and remembering your Why and Purpose is So important! 😀

  3. You're so right. I was lucky to be born confident. I love your example of how to change a self-blaming thought into brushing the mishap aside and getting on with your task.

  4. My biggest issue is not being self critical.  That is my biggest hurdle in life.  I've gotten better at it over the years and love that I have seen growth in myself. Taking that control makes you a bigger, better, stronger person to do what we were put on this earth to do.

    Nice job.


  5. Arla DeField - SayingNoWithoutFeelingGuilty.com :

    I love the tip about disrupting your negative thought pattern by focusing on something else!  This is a timely post for me.  Last week I was being very hard on myself for my perceived lack of progress.  After a weekend away, I am back at work, and realize I am completing a major project.  It takes time!  

    I want it now!   So instead of getting down on myself, I am choosing to spend that energy on finishing my project.

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