Meet Rachel…

the Original Online Biz Boomer Babe.


for meet rachel page 01042014Throughout my life, I've enjoyed numerous booming careers in a mishmash of industries: Project Manager, Application Developer, Business Analyst, Human Resource Specialist, Interior Decorator, College Instructor and now Online Biz Boomer Babe.  My secondary monikers are Mindset Makeover Queen + Tech Maven.

After almost two decades of career exploration, I found myself asking “What am I doing when I am the happiest”?

If you're like me, you were taught to make money–not worry about what makes you happy.

But now you're in a place where you're wondering what will make you happy for the next phase of your life.

Maybe you:

  • Are bogged down in your business and left without time for things you love
  • Feel stuck in your business and uncertain of next steps for growth
  • To get out of corporate and blaze your own trail
  • To fund your Second Act with a business
  • To use your skills and expertise to help people
  • Need someone to just tell you what to do
  • Need to know how to get your first clients
  • Want to consistently meet your income goals

Let's face it.  As Boomers, we weren't raised to believe we could have fun while making a living doing what we love.  

And yet this is exactly how I came into my own business. After much soul searching, I recognized that part of what makes me buzz is working with people. I had always used a coaching approach in my interactions with clients, drawing out what was important to each of them.  But unless we get specialized education, we did not learn how to run a business. So, in my ignorance, I started my consulting business.

Was it easy?  Heck no!  I often felt stuck and overwhelmed.  I did not own a business…my business owned me.  I wanted my business to grow; however, something was stopping me.  I eventually learned that business success has two general components:  knowledge of actions that build a business, and the mindset to take those actions. Knowing the actions alone will not create success.  Most of us don’t start out knowing how to market, or organize, or many other activities that are important. But even greater are the number of solopreneurs who have ideas that they know they should pursue, but somehow don't get around to it. It is essential for success that we work in both areas.

Today, I have the business I always wanted–coaching people into being the best that they can be while launching a booming online business. I now mingle the personal development with online marketing strategies + helping boomers overcome tech overwhelm. What an adventure!

When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Aside from that, I love globetrotting and all things outdoors (tennis, hiking, skiing, beach volleyball and more). And cheesecake.


How I Work

I bring to our mentoring a first-rate infusion of marketing savvy, intuition, and good old-fashioned results. Plus I can get techy with it, so you don't have to! I love helping midlife women, whether they are just starting out or struggling, build an online business step by step to success. We work together on mindset, systems/structures, and attraction marketing because all three impact business profitability.

You have your pick from many life coaches and mentors out there (it has become quite trendy, yes?). I realize this is serious stuff and you want to make sure that the person you are trusting your life with has the goods to support you–in a legit way. The following facts may help you confidently decide if I am the type of coach you can feel good about:

I’m certified. I earned my stripes as a life coach at LifeSuccess Consulting, an accredited program. I have been personally mentored by Bob Proctor and currently partner with him to deliver personal development coaching.

I’m educated. I hold a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems and recently completed MBA degree requirements.

I’m committed. I am serious about wanting you to flourish and boosting you to fund your freedom. I am a straightforward, tell-it-like-it is kinda woman. People who work best with me really want to move forward and want to hear it like it is. I do this because I am wild about helping you step into your dream life…an unrecognizable, awe-mazing life!

Sound first class? Then check out my complimentary training course, Savvy Steps to Get Your Online Business Booming, below and let's get started!