How to Shift Your Anxiety

How to Shift Your Anxiety

Oh no!  Your heart is really pounding, you have palpitations and chest pains. You are shaking, sweating, having trouble getting your breath and you feel light-headed and unsteady. Your throat has a lump in it and you are having difficulty swallowing.  What could be happening to you?

The chances are you are having an anxiety attack.

Execute the CIRCA re-framing technique for shifting out of this anxiety.  CIRCA is an acroynym for Chucking, Ignore mental chatter, Reality check, Control check, Attention shift.


What if you chunked this down? 

Break down this anxiety-causing challenge into bite-size segment of activity or time.  What can you do within the next 24 hours?  The next week?  The next month?  What can you do in the short-term versus the long-term to reach your goals? 

Ignore Mental Chatter

Ignore your mental chatter. 

This is a time out to focus on your breath, as if your mind is a flashlight. Allow your mental chatter to continue; however, focus on the breath. Keep bringing it back to the breath to shift your anxiety.  What if we assumed that your worry was brain noise?

Reality Check

This state will not last forever. 

Know that "this too shall pass”.   Recognize that overwhelm is really a cognitive distortion. Give the emotion a name to make it concrete rather than an amorphous force.  An anxiety problem is a fear problem.  Instead of freaking out about your freakout, simply name it to shift your anxiety.  When do you anticipate this phase will stop? What might be the first break you are looking for? 

Control Check

You should focus what you can control.

There are some things you are unable to control and other things you can.  Think about the Serenity Prayer.  

Attention shift

How do you fix your attention on the solution?

Shift your focus on the positive.  Imagine that your anxiety center is going from red to blue. Use your imagination to dial down the feeling using your senses in a creative way. This is internal neuro-feedback that has a biological effect.  Where would you want to move and keep your flashlight if you were to choose the top three things?



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  1. Hi Rachel

    Great post. Looks like we are on the same page right now. Awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by At the Lake.

  2. Thanks Rachel!

    I know a little people have daily ongoing battles with various
    forms of stress and virtually uncontrollable anxiety.

    Thank goodness there are effective ways of successfully dealing with it,
    just like you have laid out here!
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