How to Protect Your Images

How to Protect Your Images

image-theftDo you need to place a watermark on your images?  The you will love the ease and simplicity of uMark by Uconomix.

If you are already using GIMP and Adobe Photoshop, then uMark is not for you as it does not offer any additional functionality.

Why might you want to place a watermark on your images?  You would if you wanted to protect them.  Umark makes it difficult for someone to steal an image without others seeing that they do not own the rights to it.  Of course, watermarks are not foolproof as there advanced users who know how to remove them.  

There is both a free "lite" version and a professional version of the application.  The free version has some built in limitations on placement, position and text.  It also adds the "uMark Lite" notation to each image in addition to the watermark that you create.  

Example of image with watermark:


Such restrictions don't have any great effect on the usability of the software, but one limitation that may be significant to some users is that uMark Lite does not preserve EXIF information in images. This does mean that embedded image owner and copyright information may be stripped as a result of applying a watermark, though it should be noted that this does not happen with the Professional version.

The application is available on both Windows and Mac and can be downloaded at

Below is a video demonstrating the application:


You get a free, 15-day trial when you purchase the Professional version.  Check it out.


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  1. Wow, that is very useful info, Rachel! Now I’m asking my boyfriend about the function in Photoshop and why we don’t use it!
    Carol Steinberg recently posted…Split Complementary MarigoldsMy Profile

  2. How to protect your images with Umark by Uconmix sounds like it would be very bennificial for many business applications. I know in our antiques business we picture hundreds of one of a kind items each month and having them protected would deffenitly help us. Thank you for sharing something so helpful to so many.
    Eric recently posted…Vintage Metal Lunch BoxesMy Profile

  3. I have never considered any of my photos or scans of artwork to be important enough to watermark…of course, that may just be because I did not realize that I had the ability to watermark them already (we have GIMP on my wife’s computer).
    Morgan Eckstein recently posted…Trade secrets (31-HP Day 26)My Profile

    • I only recently discovered that we can watermark our images Morgan.,  I am not going to bother going back through my collection, but will watermark the precious ones going forward.

  4. Amanda HelmiBM

    I think I’d better start marking my images, I use a lot. Thank you Rachel. This is a thoughtful and well written post.
    Amanda HelmiBM recently posted…Introvert and Extrovert Fitness – As Strong As Possible Headquarters UpdateMy Profile

  5. marquita herald

    Great advice Rachel. Between my blogs and books I have a small fortune invested in images but only recently considered the value of watermarking when an compilation image I designed showed up on someone else’s blog! It was just a huge coincidence I stopped by the blog and was stunned to see the image in their sidebar. I called the blogger on it but in the end just let it drop. I will definitely take a closer look at these tools. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted…Why Writers Need to Avoid the Competition TrapMy Profile

    • Hi Marquita,

      I have always thought that your blog is visually appealing.  I can see why someone would use your images 🙂

  6. Great advice Rachel…and something I am going to look into…although on most of my pics I add my URL as it is something i have thought about but the watermark is far more secure. Thanks for sharing!
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…Take the pain out of selling…My Profile

  7. How about this… All the images that I use have my website on them. So if people use them, I will somewhat get credit for them. Hopefully some of them will even check my site. Will that solve it?

    Ps: I’m from South America. I have no idea what a watermark is.

  8. Hey Rachel,

    I use to not put anything on my images but then realized if I’m paying for them or they’re my own then I want people to know where they found them. I do put my own information on them but mainly below the image. I don’t like to obstruct the image in anyway and for the most part people are sharing them with my blurb left on it.

    I’m not a Photoshop woman but I use both Snagit and PowerPoint. I know, the old fashioned way.

    Thanks for sharing and sounds like a lot of people never thought about this.

    Adrienne recently posted…22 Ways To Create Compelling ContentMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      I, too, hate the idea of obstructing images.  I know that in some applications we can add a watermark which is only really visible when someone hovers over it or right-clicks on it in an attempt to save it.  Not sure if uMark Professional, Snagit, Photoshop or PowerPower has that feature though.

      Rachel recently posted…Uncover Tasks to DelegateMy Profile

  9. Renew Your Space

    I had some images stolen from my blog in the past & it was so frustrating. Now I watermark every single one automatically. It is only fair to receive the credit of your own photography. Thank you for the informative post! ~Renee
    Renew Your Space recently posted…Home Organizing Project {Week 11} – The Master BedroomMy Profile

  10. Thanks for the post. Water marking is important nowadays as most of the images are stolen. I will give a try for the uMark

  11. Hi Rachel, this looks like a great idea, will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…Exciting Twist In Web Hosting !!My Profile

  12. Mary Austin

    Excellent information that is explained well. The video demo is just gravy. If only I were talented enough to create images that would need a watermark!

    • Even if you have someone create your images, from Fiverr for instance, you probably want to watermark them, yes?

  13. Hi Rachel,

    Never heard of this company. I will have to check them out. I usually put my name on my photos and try to place them in a way so it’s hard to crop out or color over, but I guess nothing is absolutely fool proof.

    Have a great evening, Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…Work At Home BluesMy Profile

  14. Hi Rachel,
    Interesting … thank you for the information and the resource! Very helpful.. and I never heard of this company either. I learn something all the time visiting the blogs of others .. very cool 🙂

  15. Lisa Barton :

    Great post Rachel and one I need to heed! I post titles & copyright info on my photos using PicMonkey but have found in the past that people have cropped off the bottom and used the photo regardless! Another thing of my every growing list of things to do 🙁

  16. Thanks for sharing this great resource. I don’t use many images but will file it for future use if I ever need it.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted…Competition Time: Win Free Membership To Easy Auction IncomeMy Profile

  17. Sue Bride

    Hi Rachel, I have not bothered with watermarks as yet but I am planning a site where I will be creating a lot. For those I will add my site name or address as I will be pleased if they are shared.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Be Motivated to Earn OnlineMy Profile

  18. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Thank you for the information ,I never thought of this and I am going to check it out
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Working from Home – Seeking Information Regarding a Way to Make a Living Online?My Profile

  19. Hi Rachel,
    thank you for introducing this tool!

    For someone who pays a graphic designer to create their images, having them ‘stolen’ would be most annoying. Having said that even when we create our own, since our time is valuable and so is our creativity, so we may as well getting credit for that.
    GIMP is one of my favorite toys and I recently played with adding a watermark to the images I created.
    Much appreciated!

  20. Rachel, thank you for posting this – given me a bit of a reminder that I need to start doing this with my images for our business- will check out your suggestion for watermarking 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Is Your Blog Optimized for PINTEREST? How To Be Shared And Followed!My Profile

  21. Hi Rachel,

    I think the use of watermarking is the perfect solution for protecting the originality of our images. But of course it can ruin the beauty of the image.
    Erwin recently posted…Striiv Best Digital Pocket Pedometer ReviewsMy Profile

  22. NailCentric

    Thanks for this post! I also use watermarks to protect images but actually put them out of the actual image, in right most down corner… I think it would ruin the nail designs if I center the watermark like in your red head cherry girl example.
    NailCentric recently posted…Mat blue and mint half moon nail art tutorialMy Profile

  23. What a great tip! I often use a watermark when it is an image I feel may be useful to others. I sometimes forget to when it is a more personal image but perhaps I should make it a general rule? This will definitely help me decide.

  24. This is a great article. I have used PIC Monkey to put a watermark on my photos, but it’s just one line at the bottom of the picture so I am not sure how secure it is. I think I will sign up for the free trial. Thanks for the information.
    Carla BeDell recently posted…A Short Video Escape of Lush Caribbean Islands and Playful Dolphins (It’ll warm you up!)My Profile

  25. You know, I take TONS of pics since I’m a review blogger (mostly beauty products), but I forget constantly to watermark them. Thanks for the reminder.

    Jean Lynd recently posted…A Miracle for Wrinkles!…Sort-of?My Profile

  26. Great info need to start doing this!

  27. I do try to watermark all my images. I usually use Picasa or Pic Monkey. Glad to hear about the other software. Thanks!
    Krystle Cook recently posted…Upcycle Tostitos Dip Jars: Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Jars [Craft]My Profile

  28. I often skip that step! Useful and I should try to work it in.

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