How to Powerfully Sell Your Services

How to Powerfully Sell Your Services

When I first began my coaching business, I had to coach people for free then have that terrible enrolling conversation. I was doing a wonderful job of solving their problems and providing solutions; however, I'd become weak whenever the time of ask for money came. It took a couple of years for me to learn not only the selling formula and to anchor the most important step–discovering the value I brought.

When you are not fully sold on yourself and what you offer, you are unlikely to be very successful asking anyone to purchase from you. Learn and integrate the following five points to feel confident in your selling conversations. It is your duty to share your expertise with your prospects.

1. Embrace Your Value

If you are unaware of your gifts, the transformation you create and the shifts that are possible for those working with you, you risk backing down when they ask the "How much do you charge" question. It seems that heart-based service providers are the most likely to get bogged down in their prospects' financial situation. The have thoughts such as “She doesn't have the money, so I'd feel guilty asking for my full price." But this is NOT your problem.

You can determine the value you bring by asking because it is probably in your blind spot. Ask your clients. One of the first clients I signed up was a corporate executive without a vision for a business. We took her from that to a contractor bringing in over $200,000 within her first three years in business. When I asked her how working with me benefited her, her answer shocked me. I was aware of what I thought we had accomplished and how I had helped: we started her business, worked on leadership, changed some mindset issues, etc. But her response was that I had dramatically shortened her learning curve. I had no idea and I may have never learned this fact until I asked. My confidence then skyrocketed. Doing this exercise can make a big difference in your confidence.

2. Connect With Their Desires

It is critical to start with this. Many people make the mistake when someone asks, 'what do you charge' just to launch into sharing prices. Let's not do that, okay? If you have not helped get the prospect sold on their own dream, they will only see the price when you share it. You want them to consider the amount of life they will receive. I often take a long time to really flush out what my prospect wants in this stage because we have to know the reason (the WHY) of the goal in order for it to be juicy enough for them to invest in hiring us.

3. Discover Their Pain

I believe that we all tolerate far too much crap. We become accustomed to stuff under-functioning, accept less than excellent service, allow things to slip, etc. Women are particularly adept at being okay in accepting seconds; consequently, this is the space where I shine a light on what is not working.

Discovering the cost of them not experiencing success in their financial life, emotional life, relationship life, etc. is important to piercing the denial that the prospect is likely in. Focus on those things they want most (which you did in #2) and magnify the cost of not having it. A person is not depressed because they are not earning $100,000 per year. They are in pain because they are working very long hours and cannot spend time with their children or they doubt that they can do the work they are supposed to get out in the world. You focus there by asking questions such as:

"What is being stuck in this place costing you?"
"How is this impacting your confidence?"
"What is the worst part of being here?"
"How long have you been tolerating this?"
"How much money have you lost as a result?"
"Where will you be in six months if nothing changes?"

4. Show Them Your Solution to Their Problems

Now take what they want and what they are suffering with and paint the picture of what is possible when they work with you. You should have been seeding this throughout the entire conversation, but here is where you address solving their problems to get to their dreams. If you have not spent the time in #1 and #2, you may not have buy in from them, which might make them focus immediately on the cost when you roll that out. That probably will not invest in that case. You want them to focus on the opportunity or the reduction in pain that you will provide. If you take time with them and link the pain plus your solution plus your vision for them plus your credibility and experience you will find the place where magic happens.

5. Take A Stand For Them

To take a stand for them means that you stand for their success. You do not back down and become nervous when they share an objection. You see the possibility of their life free of the pain and problems and moving into solutions.

Call them out on patterns that have that are sabotaging. Be committed to them achieving their goals. At this stage, it doesn't have anything to do with them investing with me (although that is always wonderful). This is about helping them break free of the thing that is in their way. I am showing them where they are self-sabotaging, buying into limits, and staying small. When I was a rookie coach, I usually buckled here because I made it all about me and my comfort level. Now the shift is about my prospect and me giving them my all…fighting for their potential and brilliance.

Can you be this strong and powerful in your belief in yourself, your offer, and the client? I think that that is the work.




About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. This is very helpful, Rachel. Thank you. I am in the process of restructuring my service options and this helps me determine that I do have value to give. I especially like your questions. I will be using them to help give me a clearer focus.

  2. Another great post, Rachel. We really DO have to own our value in order to succeed. And it can be a process. Sometimes it’s even giving up the idea of feeling conceit. But I just love, “Women are particularly adept at being okay at accepting seconds.” So very true.
    Here’s to not tolerating any more crap!
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…Do You Really Want More Out Of Life?My Profile

  3. Hello Rachel,

    Though all the tips you have shared are superb ones, the first two are the gems because until you don’t know your value its hard to sell your services at better prices. Second, connecting with the customers’ desire is indeed important.

    Great write up! Enjoy the week ahead.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…11 Best YouTube Tips and Tricks for 2016My Profile

  4. Knowing your own value is the key to just about everything, yet it is often so hard to achieve. The urge to stay humble can often stop us from achieving that and I can see how that translates into a lack of faith in your own abilities.

  5. I think my hardest part, cuz I think I have the rest, is creating the right pricing structure that others will buy and that shows that I value myself. Great post and thanks for the valuable info Rachel.
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your BusinessMy Profile

  6. Rachel – I think the idea of connecting with a future client’s desires is paramount. It would be so easy to find fault with areas of someone’s life (or areas that could be improved upon) – but I would think that connecting with their desires would help remedy ALL areas that could use improvement. Thank you for the post.

  7. I always thought our jewelry would speak for itself. After all, everyone tells us our work is beautiful. We apply all the right actions, steps, tips, etc in social marketing & there are people who even love jewelry but have not become a customer. We work with a coach & have our goals, strategy, platforms, etc & it gets disappointing at times. We value our work, talent, materials, time and have a fair price for our designs. So we review, assess & try a new approach. We did not think it would be this hard to sell our products.

    • Are you really sharing in client-rich environments? ¬†For example: ¬†I love jewelry but I’m unlikely to ever become your customer simply because I already have more jewelry than I can ever wear in my lifetime and to purchase more would be wasteful.

  8. Very interesting post, Rachel and I can really resonate with it at so many different times in my own life. When I was designing recycled watch part jewelry, I would spend hours searching for the perfect parts to create each piece and yet, generally people don’t value hand-crafted items and use ‘price’ as a determining factor, especially as they are used to mass produced cheap goods. Now that I am building a health and wellness team, I find it so fascinating how people hold on to their health issues when spending a little bit of money on high quality products would help their health and vitality exponentially more than the cost of staying stuck with their symptoms. In both cases, I see the value, yet others cannot see it for themselves. Human beings are fascinating creatures of habit and so interesting to study to understand. I appreciate all your very powerful tips, as it truly does begin with us, our perceptions and how we broadcast that to others. Each of us has much more value to offer others than we often give ourselves credit for!

    • It is important that we develop the skills to expertly communicate our value¬†in a way that prospective clients/customers will embrace it as being of value to¬†them . ¬†This is the¬†only reason¬†they will ultimately buy from us ¬†.

  9. Hi Rachel,

    Over the years, I’ve sold lots of different products & services. I’ve learned that ‘what’ we’re selling isn’t as important as ‘how’ we go about doing it.

    I also know that your 5 step formula does work.

    Ideally, your 5 selling steps would work best if we could follow them in the sequence you presented them here. However, that”s sometimes difficult to control. When we have to give up control – to stay in control – we wouldn’t go wrong to fall back on step #5, as it’s the most important one.

    This observation is from my experience only. You may have learned differently. If so, I’d love to hear about it.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…New Test Predicts Your Chances Of Having A Heart AttackMy Profile

    • Hi Edward,

      When I write a blog post, I’m¬†simply sharing¬†snippits of what has worked for me and/or my clients (realizing that others may have a different approach that is equally as effective ūüôā )

  10. Hi Rachel

    The best I have read on selling a service. You are so right. Thanks for this awesome tip. Take Care

  11. Hey Rachel,

    There are many websites with the same services. But people who know the value of a good service lead ahead. For a business person, the most important thing is to know about the desires of your customers.

    You should alway have the tendency to solve the problem of your clients. The points you have mentioned above are really helpful.
    Great post.
    Have a nice day.

  12. I LOVE this article, Rachel!

    I especially resonate with the need to know and own your OWN value. After all, if we don’t value ourselves and our knowledge and service, how can we expect anyone else to?

    Additionally, once we identify our clients’ pain points, we can actually become useful to them. Until then, they have no need of our service and we haven’t really given them anything of value.


  13. That’s a great list, Rachel. It would also be a good list of points to consider when you write emails for your list. Often we don’t really connect with our subscribers in this way, when we could and would probably get much more response if we did.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…Creative Action And The Learning CurveMy Profile

  14. Hi. I am trying to set up a services store and I can’t seem to find a decent way of doing this. Pretty much all of the store options in the App market are for physical products, and I am selling services of designing custom clothing for restaurants. What is the best way to go about this? having a bit of trouble figuring out which app to use

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