How to Grow Your Email List – Part 1

How to Grow Your Email List – Part 1

Want to know how to quickly grow your email list (aka newsletter list, eZine list) so you can get customers and clients?

You can sell lots of things and services when you have a email list: audio programs, video program, group coaching, telecourses, etc.

Now, here is the deal about having an email list. You do not always need a large list to make a great living. A client is actually earning over $14,000 per month from a list under 5,000 people! Ultimately, you have to become a master at sharing what you do. Once you have that down, you don’t really need to be able to get in front of a lot of people because your message is powerful enough to convert perspective clients into paying clients.

Offer Quality to Grow Your Email List

A quality list is a list of people who are interested in what you help people with. If you market to people who want to lose weight, you want everyone on your list to be people who are interested in losing weight. It would not make much sense to have a list of just anybody. You really only want people who are interested in what you have to offer on your email list. When your list is made up of just anybody, some of those people will be wondering why the heck you are emailing them so they will click and report you as SPAM.

Offer Quantity to Grow Your Email List

Some people are afraid to send emails. They might just send one message per month. They are concerned about overloading their subscribers' In Box. Their logic is that because most of us receive too many emails, they will only send them one email a month. Well, we do get far too many emails these days but that is because there is too much junk information and junk emails out there. You can stand out by sending great emails.

Do you really think that you are helping people eliminate their email overload by only sending one email per month? If you send eight emails per month, that just means each person on your list is going to receive eight more emails in a month than they get right now. So rather than receiving 400 emails per month, they are going to receive 408 emails per month. Are you really helping anyone by sending fewer emails???

How about feeling as though people have hit the jackpot when they get on your email list? Imagine that you are sending cash to them in their physical mail box every few days. They never know when it will be coming and they never know what amount it will be. How excited would they be to receive an envelope from you? When they check their mail and see an envelope from you, they will think, “This is great…I can’t wait to receive another one.” And wouldn't they be really grateful? Well, that is the mindset you must have for how you treat your email list and how you create a really responsive, high-quality email list by sending really great stuff.  It is all about perspective.

I am slowly working up to sending email to my list two to three times a week. I have heard some people say send everyday; however, I feel like that is a little too much. Studies show that random positive reinforcement actually works better to motivate people than consistent positive reinforcement. If you are always being rewarded every single time you do it, it is good but it wears off a bit. But when it is random and you do not know when you will be getting it, it wires you and reinforces in this case, to get people to open your emails. I think I like the idea of two to three times per week to grow your list best.

A Tip to Grow Your Email List

Take great care of your list and they will take great care of you. Again, only email great or fun stuff to your list. Only 20 percent should be pure promotions. Also, speak to your list as though you are talking to your really good friend Stephanie, or whatever your customer’s avatar name is. My customer avatar’s name is Stephanie. Speak to them like you are speaking to one person. I really need to work on this myself. But I think it should have a fast friendship, friendly, fun pace. Make your emails fun and memorable. Don’t be a professor writing a text book—you will put people to sleep.

Some of your emails may go semi-viral and get passed around among readers. This is a great list building strategy–sending great stuff and writing in a great way. At the bottom of each email you can say, “If you found this valuable, please pass this on to other people who want to lose weight ” (or whatever your market is). Underneath that you could put a little link that says, “Did someone pass this on to you? If you’d like to get more of these great tips for losing weight, Click here” and have a link to your website. This way, when your email is passed around, you have the ability to get more subscribers.

Referral traffic is the best source of traffic: people who like your stuff sending it to other people they think would like your stuff. One of the reasons why it’s the best source of traffic is because it is free. You do not have to pay advertising to get these people to your website and to get them to subscribe. You do not have affiliate commissions to pay out to people. Just email great stuff and make it go semi-viral. Things going viral means it goes everywhere and everyone is talking about it. Semi-viral means that some people are going to do that. Every email is going to go anywhere from not viral at all, to totally viral on the other end of the spectrum (which happens very rarely), and then somewhere in between. Most things will probably go semi- viral for us. 



If you think you need a list the size of Manhattan to build a multi 6-figure business, win affiliate contests, become a leader in your field, or create a tiny fortune by sending ONE e-mail to your list, my friend Diane Hochman (the woman in the video) has done ALL of the above with a list of 4,500 loyal e-mail subscribers…

And she wants to teach you EVERYTHING here.


More tips to come next week!



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  1. This is some really sound advice Rachel!

    And I tend to agree with your assessment, about how many times
    per week, to email your subscribers.

    Although truthfully, I’ve yet to actually test whether or not,
    emailing any given list, would be considered too much.

    But as you pointed out, I suspect it would.And thanks for including the video
    of Diane Hochman, I’ve been a big fan, customer and email subscriber of hers for

    Even, technically speaking, I’n not even in her particular industry. But I
    still recognize, she definitely knows her stuff!
    Mark recently posted…Seven Incredibly Dynamic Coaches And Mentors You Simply Can’t Afford To Ignore Any Longer!Part TwoMy Profile

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Would love to hear more about the client making $14k/mo from a list with less than 500 people. Holy cow! That sounds like it warrants its own blog post. (Hint, hint.) 🙂 I would definitely love to hear what they’re doing.

    Good point on not worrying about sending too many emails. If you’re sending quality, who wouldn’t want more of them? Just the people who shouldn’t be on your list in the first place, I suppose. Thanks for the new perspective. It really helped me with how I think about emailing my list.

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