We Walk + We Talk

we walk we talk

I love all things outdoors, with hiking being one of my favorite outdoor activities. 

When I need a lift or to think things through, I often take long walks. This clears my head, allows me to rise up above my immediate concerns, and connect to what is important.

We Walk + We Talk is a supportive walk that meets weekly, usually in Pleasanton or San Ramon.  This is an open, forum-styled discussion group, where we walk and talk about issues affecting you.  We Walk + We Talk is non-confidential due to the circumstances of walking on a public path where others walk as well. 

Why Walk + Coach?

Being coached while walking can produce better coaching outcomes because:

  • We think better: The rhythm of walking outdoors improves the quality of our thinking, reducing many of the interference that often inhibit our creativity
  • We are less cluttered.  Just as we leave most of what we own behind when we go out walking, so we also leave our responsibilities and, to some extent, our roles behind. This usually leaves us free to be more authentic and connect to what is most meaningful for us
  • We are energized.  Humans have co-evolved with the natural world and we can know ourselves more fully when we are in that world, rather than in the unnatural world of concrete offices, brick houses, and the steel transport we spend most of our time in. Immersing ourselves in nature, even for short periods of time, is naturally curative.
  • We think more spaciously.  The external spaciousness we experience out in nature is reflected in an inner spaciousness that allows us to have conversations we do not normally have the space, time or context for. People are able to bring more of who they are to conversations.
  • We are connected to a greater whole: Modern life and offices have isolated us from many natural rhythms and events. When we walk, we are much more aware of them because they directly affect us–dusk falling, a shower of rain, the heat of the sun, a gust of wind. By living more closely entwined with the world, we realize that we are part of the world.
  • We get a clearer sense of ourselves. Life, especially corporate life, throws a continual stream of challenges at us and we easily lose a sense of which parts of our experience are merely responses to these situations and which are our essential selves. Out in the open in the reflective space, I can help you get clarity about who you really are.
  • It relaxes us and makes us fitter.  We carry stress in our muscles. Walking helps loosen these muscles and release the tension.

Walking and coaching is particularly well suited for engaging with the bigger, deeper issues that we face around our purpose in life, who we are as entrepreneurs, what our vision for the future is – though sometimes it is just about blowing the cobwebs out of our minds!