How to Create a Successful Business

How to Create a Successful Business

I work with a lot of transformational business women and, just by our nature, we want to make a difference in the world, to transform the world with what we do. It’s vitally important that you, as a transformational business owner, have a successful business because you are the light‐bringer, the change‐maker, the one who will make a huge difference with what you do.  In order to create a successful business, there are certain things that must be present. 

Here are four essential components of a successful business if your focus is on transformation:  

1)  Commitment

2)  Investment

3)  Learning

4)  Connection

Let’s talk about each one, so you can create your own understanding of these essential components. They are closely related, so you’ll see overlap as you explore them, and deepen your understanding.


When you begin a business, you make a commitment. This involves time, and usually money. You may create a mission or vision statement, and set an income goal. Unless your commitments are clear, your business will flounder, both from a practical aspect and a spiritual one. Practically speaking, if you aren’t firm in your commitments, you’ll constantly be second‐guessing what you should do in any given situation. Spiritually speaking, stating your commitments creates an opening for the universe to support you.


You can’t create a business without investment. Period. You’ll need to invest money in your infrastructure – a computer, website, business cards,  an office (even if it’s in your home). You’ll also need to invest both time and money in training. Even if you’re superb at the service you deliver, or the product that you produce, you’ll need training in how to run a business, which is NOT the same skill. This may include organization, bookkeeping, and, very critical, marketing.


There are skills that you’ll need to learn to run a successful business, and we touched on some of these in looking at investment. Do you need to learn about developing an on‐line presence? Learn about how to close a sale with a prospective client? Most transformational entrepreneurs are happy to improve their skill set in their modality (for example, learning to become a better massage therapist or coach) but many are far less willing to learn the other essential entrepreneurial skills.


You can’t run a successful business without connecting with people. The more people you connect with, the more successful your business will be.  Connections can include colleagues, competitors, organizations, associations, meetups, masterminds, and networking groups.

Resistant Emotions/Limiting Beliefs

As you’ve read these descriptions, some of these essential components may have seemed easy to you, and some may have triggered some discomfort, resistance, or negative emotions.   These may include things like:

  • I’m afraid to commit everything to my business.
  • What if I fail?
  • Who am I to have this vision?
  •  Why do I think I can make this difference?
  • I don’t have the money to invest in my business.
  • I don’t have the time to invest.
  • I don’t trust myself enough to invest in me.
  • I’m not good at learning new things.
  • I’m not good at ____ (technology, marketing, etc.)
  • I’m afraid it will take too much time to learn.
  • I don’t want to learn that stuff, I just want to do what I do.
  • I’m intimidated about connecting with others.
  • Why would anyone want to connect with me?
  • I don’t know how to find the people that I need.


In addition to these thoughts, there may just be discomforts, fears, upsets, or anger at having to do things you don’t want to do.

Suggested Action:

On a sheet of paper, draw a large square with four quadrants.   Put your own Commitments, Investments, Learning, and Connections in the four squares. As you write each of them in, take a moment to go inside and visualize doing this, or being this. Notice what emotions come up, and what the ‘little voice’ in the back of your head tells you about these ideas. Wwrite down your resistant emotions and limiting beliefs.

These resistant emotions and limiting beliefs are what sabotage most businesses, often to the point of failure. Because of them, you may not follow through with actions that you KNOW you need to. You may shy away from contacting people, stepping into new activities, or taking risks that are so vital to the growth of your business.

 Ask yourself:  What’s one thing that I haven’t done in the last six months because of discomfort or a limiting belief that, if I had, would have been good for my business?

Now you’re ready for the fifth Essential Component.  The final, and most important thing that you MUST have for a successful business is a tool or technique that enables you to overcome resistance to implementing the other four Essential Components.

For some people, this will start with a business coach – in fact, I don’t believe that it’s possible to build a successful business without a coach.  Your coach may act as a motivator to get you to overcome resistance, or the coach may also help you actually eliminate the resistance.  Even when you have a coach, you will encounter lots of these resistant emotions and limiting beliefs, and you have to have a way to handle these on your own – you can’t rely on your coach to do this for you.

This is NOT negotiable if you’re going to be a successful transformational entrepreneur. As you work to transform the world, all of your concerns, fears, and doubts will be triggered. (I like to say that becoming an entrepreneur is like entering the ‘Graduate School for Personal Growth’.)  You will need to transform yourself, in order to transform the world.  At this point, some of you will give up, and decide that struggle and staying small are okay. And that is one possible path – it’s not right or wrong.  In my experience, whether you decide to play it safe, or play it big, you will  still encounter resistance and limiting beliefs. They are there for every entrepreneur, transformational or otherwise. So why not play big? 

There are a number of techniques that are good for helping you play big, for helping you overcome any resistant emotions or limiting beliefs.  These include:

  • Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’
  • The Sedona Method
  • Meridian Tapping Techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

The great thing is, as you begin to remove the limiting beliefs that are in your way, things will become easier. You’ll move into realms that you only dreamed about before, and you’ll find a new ease in your interactions, your learning, in all of your business activities. 

As an example, I’m a hiker. On most days I hike up a mountain near my home.  I always seek out places to hike while I am traveling also.  This winter, we stayed in Colorado for almost two months.  It snows in Colorado!  Once after snow blanketed our area, and it was very cold, the snow became icy and I couldn’t hike up the mountain. After two weeks of walking on roads, I thought ‘this is ridiculous’. I went to the sports store and asked if they had anything that could help me. I bought a simple device that fastened to the bottom of my hiking boots, which enabled me to walk safely and confidently up the icy snow, and I was back hiking on my mountain again.

In business, sometimes things will occur that feel like the ice on that mountain. And you could change your goal (‘I didn’t really want to hike up that mountain anyway!’) – that’s one option. Or you could say ‘I’m committed to climbing that mountain and I’m going to do it no matter what!’.  And you could risk life and limb slipping and sliding up the mountain. Or you could invest in a simple tool that makes it easy.

What do you choose?


About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. “Starting your commitments creates an opening for the universe to support you.” LOVE that, Rachel! So very true. That’s kinda my, you had me at hello 🙂
    But working through resistant emotions is truly paramount. And funny things, these will always crop up, no matter how far down the road you get. They change. But always provide wonderful opportunities for growth.
    What a great coach you are!
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…Are The Fruits Of Your Labor Worth The Commitment?My Profile

  2. Rachel,
    Great post and enjoyed the thoughtful questions and are very helpful for asking why people would connect.
    Lori English

  3. Working through those resistant emotions can be really tough, but vital to move forward. I like the exercise you offered to identify the thoughts holding you back – sometimes we don’t even realize which thoughts have us stuck.

  4. I am going to try the paper exercise. I think it would be a good task for small business owners to do at least once a year to help them get more out of their own business. Thanks for the idea.
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…Tips On How Long I Should Keep Business RecordsMy Profile

  5. Ongoing learning, self examination & growth never stops. I do agree with all your points and especially working with a coach. It took me some time to find the ‘right’ one and she led us thru some of the steps we glossed over.

  6. Every business owners wants to see success of their business. You have shared a great tips to build successful business.


  7. A huge issue that we all deal with is coming face to face with our resistances. I guess that is one of the big gifts of having our own businesses! Thank you so much for addressing those in such a helpful way!
    Reba Linker recently posted…Plant Spirit MedicineMy Profile

  8. YES! This is so right on. I have seen people start and stop because they just couldn’t have enough faith to truly commit. That is so key because without it, nothing else matters.
    Renee groskreutz recently posted…Never Ever Use These 10 Stock Photos For MarketingMy Profile

  9. Excellent and often times the investment and learning is all on us, the business owner… we need to thrive to do more, learn more and find out more about our target market… so much work out there for us to figure out. lol Great info.
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Stop Searching for Your Paid Ads on Google!My Profile

  10. What a great exercise! I hadn’t thought to draw out those qualities in quadrants before. I also find it interesting that you bring up EFT. I’ve been learning more about that lately. I’ll be curious to see how it helps too.
    Jennifer Quisenberry recently posted…Mental Health Awareness Week: Loss to SuicideMy Profile

  11. I love you idea of writing down our commitment, goals and strategies on marketing. The practice of seeing what feelings and beliefs surface from this simple exercise could make all the difference in our success

  12. It takes courage to open your own business and it takes a plan. You have given people a solid foundation if they are thinking about starting their own business. I also love the option to be able to download the blog to your kindle for future reading.
    Christy Soukhamneut recently posted…Is a VA Loan Right for Me?My Profile

  13. Hi Rachel,
    You are right on about utilizing all of these key ingredients to creating a successful business 🙂 Commitment is so important, as well as Investment, Learning and Connection 🙂 We must learn the right ways to engage with people to build those relationships and that rapport!

    Great post and share and a must to know IF you want to have a successful business 🙂

  14. Excellent reminders for those looking to start a business. Or even after you’ve started the business to look back at and reflect.
    Caroline Murphy recently posted…Fundraising Tips to Raise Cash for SchoolsMy Profile

  15. I was doing fine until I got to the part of about what I haven’t done in the last 6 months for my business that was being held back. Several came to mind. I’m grateful that you brought this to light for me, Rachel.
    Joyce Hansen recently posted…Women online – which one is yours?My Profile

  16. Thank you for a great post on creating success. Four crucial points to create success. Build success is a transformation of one’s whole being and it is a lot of work to get there. Commitment is just as important as anything else. Have the desire and not commitment is a road to no where. People talk of being successful like the other person but they have no idea how much work is required to get.

  17. Our self-limiting beliefs are so much a part of us we don’t even know we have them. When I work with my clients and I hear one of these “I can’t” statements, I ask them, “Whose voice is telling you that?” A fascinating conversation generally ensues and we work to come to the realization that it is our choice to believe what we believe. Good stuff. Love the quadrants!

  18. You’ve really struck a chord here Rachel!

    And I think the truth told, even your main six points, as why we
    often struggle in building our businesses, is just barely scratching the surface!

    But I really like your four main pillar components!

    They provide more than enough initial fuel, to move us off center in a big way!

    Thanks so much for sharing them and helping us develop some much needed clarity!
    Mark recently posted…How Savvy Entrepreneurs Effectively Use Email Marketing Even if You Totally Suck At Writing!My Profile

  19. Wow! Its a very informative article on how to create a successful business. I love it so much. I am waiting for your next awesome post. Thank you.

  20. Very helpful tips. I especially agree about keeping track of what is working so you can focus more on that and get rid of what’s not. Helps to save time and energy.

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