What is Your Commitment Level?

What is Your Commitment Level?

I recently lifted a book from my parents, The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do by Mark Sanborn.  Yeah, they'll never see that book again.  I still feel that what is theirs is also mine after all these years laugh

The author, Mark Sanborn, writes about how to make our "performances" more memorable–unforgettable even.  He shares the lessons he has learned along his personal journey to remarkable performance.

The Encore Effect is described as when people constantly demand more and more of whatever it is that you do.

You know what an encore is.  In fact, you've probably been responsible for a couple.  You go to a concert and are so moved by the performance that you and the rest of the audience start clapping, cheering, and yelling, "Bravo!"–refusing to let the artist or performer leave the stage.  The audience, prepared to applaud all night if necessary, implores the artist to perform one more number.  And when the artist relents and performs one more piece, the call for an encore begins all over again.  A second encore and then a third are called for, and many times the weary, but appreciative, artist complies.

Mark says that all of us are performers on some type of stage that is just as worthy of an encore performance–be it at an office, on a client call, giving a public speech, in a classroom, in your home, etc.  We should all produce memorable results and have a positive impact on others and shine on whatever our stage may be.  That is the power and promise of the Encore Effect.

A remarkable performance is not accidental–our commitment always comes before it.  Commitment is the price we are willing to pay to obtain remarkable results.  Performance reveals the price we have paid.  

The book describes six levels of commitment that are key to a remarkable performance: 

Commitment Level 1:  Interested

Aware of the basics and adding to that knowledge on a casual basis.

Non-remarkable: the equivalent of flipping through magazines or listening to CNN Headline News while working out at the gym.


Commitment Level 2:  Informed

Knowledgeable as a result of persistent, intentional study.

Potential for remarkable: subscribing to magazines, buying books, taking classes, attending seminars.


Commitment Level 3:  Involved

Knowledgeable as a result of both study and activity.

Evidence of desire for remarkable: taking what they are learning and applying it to life; beginning to make positive changes in light of recognized benefits.


Commitment Level 4:  Immersed

Recognized as an expert or specialist.

Gateway to remarkable performance: rising above the pack, standing out in the crowd; expert/specialist status creates desirability and indispensability.


Commitment Level 5:  Invested

Recognized as “a” leader in the field.

Consistently remarkable performance: investing time, talent, and treasure in improving; clearly committed to education, improvement, and continually seeking higher standards of performance.


Commitment Level 6:  Innovative

Recognized as “the” leader in the field.

Defines remarkable performance: doesn't seek new standards as much as set new standards of excellence and remarkable performance. Discovers new, innovative ways to increase his/her own value by meeting the needs of others.


In my experience, most people are only at the interested  level.  Yet they wonder why success seems elusive for them.  I have an idea why.  The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their mindset. There is a commitment, an irrevocable decision in the mind of a successful person which says, "NO I MUST HAVE MORE!"  This is not a weak and pathetic, "I WANT MORE" which is the mindset of an unsuccessful person.  With this subtle mindset change, the successful person unleashes the unlimited potential of their subconscious mind to create more.  To get to that level of commitment, they have to overcome all sorts of adversity, their own belief, the disbelief of all around them…yet they do it.  Because they have the mindset to do it..

I share Rick Warren's belief that God has blessed me so that I can be a blessing to others and when I am of remarkable service to others, I bless them.


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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. What a great way to put this. And I see what you’re saying as well, Rachel, in my field. Most folks are only interested in being an author. But when it takes more than that . . .
    I have to laugh too. When I’m writing a new novel, when I’m immersed in it, then I know the magic is happening . .
    Great post!
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…7 Tips on How to Find Your Creative Spirit AgainMy Profile

  2. Great advice, Rachel. I think it is so important to do our best to show our clients that we are committed to their and our success. I think there are many people who are invested but only a few that are innovative. But, it’s definitely a goal I am going to strive for. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think a lot of people make it to level 4, but when it comes time to truly invest and do the extra work needed they start to lose interest. The kind of commitment that takes you to level 6 is what truly stands out.

  4. My hope is that for all people, there are areas of their lives where they go to more than just the ‘interested’ level. I know in my life, my desire and passion to heal my health issues, went way, way beyond what I believe most people would do. Each of us has a different destiny path, and when we take that destiny on and transform it, we are at a level of commitment to ourselves, that somehow others feel and see. Thanks for sharing this book and your thoughts on this topic, Rachel!

  5. This is really enlightening. It prompted me to do some introspection. I feel like I’m almost a 5. I’m working on getting to a solid 5.

  6. It is totally a mindset. I know for me I love to learn and immerse myself into what I am passionate about. Thanks for writing about the different levels of commitment.

  7. Amazing Article I’ve happy by landing here.Your 6 tips are helpful for me.Yo,Yo

  8. I’d say the fourth level is the scariest, because there is a good chance that a person could be involved and all other think that he is immersed. I recently lost my job and thought I was at the “invlolved”, in looking for the for work , but thanks to my previous experience many employers recognized me as immersed, and they had fear to loosing their position if employ me. So I am not in situation to look for same kind of job. Only think what is reasonably when I am applying for job is to apply on higher positions then previous. On that way I will be just “├Ćnvolved”.

  9. Terrific post. I believe I am at Level 4 and would love to believe I am also considered “a” leader in my field. I believe in my heart that I am, but this about the perceptions of others, not mine. Will have to get this book and read it. Thanks for the head’s up!

  10. Thought provoking post. A sign of a commitment is an investment of money and time. That was true for me when I hired an amazing web designer who became our coach & teacher. Once my monthly overhead skyrocketed I knew we were seriously committed to the success of our business. We are in our third year online and with our coach and it has been worth it. More committed now as well.

  11. Hello Rachel! You found this book in your parents library? HUM? The only thing I would find in my parents is woodworking and love stories HEHE

    Mindset is not something they ever think about, but for me! Well let me just say I have learned differently, what we think about we bring about.. Period!

    I just loved your post! Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Fears We All Dwell OnMy Profile

  12. Great post Rachel and nice to get to know your blog.

    I hadn’t really thought about commitment level like that but you are so right.

    Most of us, me included, are usually just testing the water or maybe dabbling. I finally found something that matched my passion and so I am involved going on to become immersed.

    To Great Success


    Mary Sloane recently posted…To Achieve, First See and BelieveMy Profile

  13. The entire post was very thought provoking, but towards the end where you say, “To get to that level (6) of commitment, they have to overcome all sorts of adversity, their own belief, the disbelief of all around them, and yet they do it, because they have the mindset to do it.” Just being interested is definitely not enough to get you through all of the maze of self-doubt, insecurities, challenges and difficulties. You have to be determined, right from the very beginning, that there’s no quitting or turning back.

    Thank you for sharing the source of the inspiration for your post. I’m sure your parents don’t mind that you took the book. They know where to find it!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted…Google Analytics A Good Place To Begin Collecting DataMy Profile

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