A Big Payoff Strategy to Bring Clients Back

A Big Payoff Strategy to Bring Clients Back

Today's post is just short and sweet where I share a well-documented fact:  reactivating former clients works extremely well. In fact, some clients who you have not been in contact with for years, and maybe even left under not quite the right circumstances, often flow back in after a small tickle.

This strategy works best if you have a significant number of past clients and if you have not been in contact with them to buy your products/services in awhile.

To tickle them to come back, you want to create a letter telling them why it is beneficial for them to come back as a client right NOW and what may happen if they do not.  I recommend putting in a special offer as well. You can also reactivate by using the telephone.

You may wonder why you are to bother with a former client who has not responded to your offerings. It is because people are busy, business is busy, and there are multiple priorities and messages. They may still need and desire your services.  

I will be sharing another big strategy with you in two days.


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  1. Such a good idea! I’m revisiting my older clients every few months. Maybe I should forget about them for a longer while, then contact them with a really good offer that applies to them. Thanks for this!
    Llyane recently posted…The Francophile Christmas DinnerMy Profile

  2. Yes, very well done!

    Getting back to the hands on support with people, is the key. We as company owners value great service, so why not give it!

    I make it a point to send postcards out daily, to share my appreciation. Telephone calls for getting to know them and their needs. We love to learn their interest. This alone can go a long way.

    Retaining and gathering new customers. You get them to know you care about them, with simple things. It works and you are right!
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…Introduction To ChangesMy Profile

  3. This is a topic that is too rarely addressed, Rachel. In fact, it’s a far better use of our time and resources to try to rekindle fires that once burned, that to look for ways to create new ones.

    Often, an unresponsive client or subscriber may just need the slightest nudge to get back into the flow… things like a discount or special event offering. It might even be a hot affiliate offer with your great bonus.

    The point is, don’t give up on people until they give up on your. You worked to hard and invested to much to get them into your funnel to begin with. Like a shaky marriage, it’s often well advised to fix it up than start all over again. You already know each others strengths and weaknesses, so the whole “get acquainted” process can be done away with. You’re ahead of the game to start with.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…How To Get A JobMy Profile

    • You are so right David and I love being ahead of the game. I did not work much in December but I did take time out to reach out to former clients and check in. I asked them how things have been going since they worked with me. I also asked if they needed a “refresher” and four people said yes!

  4. It’s true. Reconnecting with past clients and sending them a special offer is a good strategy. Offering them a free breakthrough session or strategy session on the phone is a good way to do it. You can take a look at where they are, where they want to be and how they can get there and you can share how you can help them if it’s a good fit.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…10 Simple Ways to Be More Authentic on TwitterMy Profile

    • Hi Leanne,

      The great thing about past clients is that, since you have already worked together, they don’t need a free session. How do you apply this in your business?

      • Sure they do. Maybe it depends on how you do things, but I’ve offered past clients a free session before. If you’ve worked together recently, it’s not necessary, but if it has been a while, it’s a good reconnection tool and, like I said, a way to see where they’re at, where they’re going and whether or not you can help them get there.
        Leanne Chesser recently posted…Do You Trust Yourself?My Profile

        • I just wanted to add that I think we might do free sessions differently. Someone who has worked with me before doesn’t need a session in order to discover if we’d work well together or not. They know they do. But a free breakthrough session is what I mentioned above and it’s great for a new potential client or someone who has worked with me before in the past. I have different offerings and the person might be at a different place than they were before. The breakthrough session offers them clarity on something they’re struggling with and it lets me see if what else I offer is a fit for them. I hope that makes sense.
          Leanne Chesser recently posted…Do You Trust Yourself?My Profile

        • Oh, okay.  I am always curious re other people’s processes. 

          I, personally, rarely offer free sessions–like once a year in December 🙂   

          Happy New Year!

  5. Rachel,
    You are right that people do still need our services. I had a client contact me last week that I have not seen for perhaps 25 years but he remembered that I had helped him then and he reached out to me. I am often reluctant to go back to previous clients because I feel that if they are interested they will call. But why not entice them or as you say “tickle” them to come back.
    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…The Dirty Secret of Success in BusinessMy Profile

    • Wow Erica…a client from 25 years ago! That is amazing and you obviously made an impression.

      It seems that people get caught up in every day activities and we are not ‘top of mind’ for them. I, too, was reluctant to call on previous clients when I first learned this tactic but, due to the results, I am glad that I pushed past my comfort zone.

  6. Such great and proven advice Rachel!

    And sadly, it’s often not used and or taken advantage of nearly as much as it should be! But still in all, it definitely needs to be shared! Thanks for the reminder!
    Mark recently posted…Three Simple Things All Extremely Savvy Marketers Can Learn From Radioshack’s Bankruptcy Filing!My Profile


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