Are You a Course Junkie?

Are You a Course Junkie?

A Course Junkie, for the sake of this blog post, is an entrepreneur who is feverishly investing in their success.  Their thought pattern is:  This is the course, the workshop, the seminar that will show me how to run and grow my business.

When you become an entrepreneur, there are several things you could work on in your business. A new program, a new marketing strategy, writing that book.  Some call this 'Shiny Object Syndrome' and it is very harmful to your business. The problem with this syndrome is that it usually strikes because you have hit a tough patch or a sticking point in what really needs to get done. When things become difficult, the new project seems so much more appealing. It is easy to work on a new project at the start–when the obstacles have not arisen  and it is fresh and exciting. However, in order to really build something lasting, you have to work through the tough spots. It is very similar to jumping from romantic partner to romantic partner, rather than doing the more difficult, but more rewarding, work of building something deep and powerful. 

In the video below, Denise talks about return on investment and when to invest in your business:


How do you think calculating the one thing Denise mentions in the video will help your addiction?



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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Hi Rachel,
    To be honest, with you I was 🙂
    Then I realised that, yes we have to keep educating ourselves, but there is no way I can go through all the courses if I keep going the way I did.
    Thank you for the reminder!
    Emi Koulev recently posted…The Fastest Way To Create a Profitable Campaign OnlineMy Profile

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I completely understand this! There are so many courses out there for EVERYTHING for a business. I wanted to watch the video from Denise, but I had trouble with the audio and couldn’t hear her. It really is a difficult thing to decide if a course would be a good investment for a business.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Lillian De Jesus recently posted…Are Those Images Really Pin-Worthy? (A Pinterest Pin Overview)My Profile

  3. Hi Rachel, I am a true believer that we should always be learning. I watched this video before from Denise. Asking a series of questions and pondering if it’s work it or not is so important. I just need to schedule the time to do it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. One thing I realized (and sadly, not that long ago!) was that I could take all the courses, read all the how-to books, discuss the principles ’til the cows came home, and if I didn’t actual put into practice the points, it did me no good!
    Great post, Rachel!
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…This Is Why International Women’s Day Still Matters In 2016My Profile

  5. Absolutely a course junkie. Love to learn, so now I have a rule, only one course at time if it is more intense and if it is small, only one a week. That way I can still participate in some courses but not have it take all my time. Thanks.
    Karen recently posted…7 Day Self-Care for Great Health ChallengeMy Profile

  6. The video was hard to understand and so I didn’t watch it. However, I am very choosy about what courses I invest in. I just don’t believe that one size fits all. That’s why my 6 month group experience that I am offering now is all about the individual and her unique business and choosing the tactics that work best for her and her business.

  7. Rachel, LOL on Denise’s URL! So funny and so dead on; we are what appears to be lucky when we realize who we really are. When I see luck, I see someone being the whole and complete being who needs nothing – courses, this or that, or anything – to manifest sheer awesomeness. You can’t add completeness to whole and complete 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…20 Exotic Animals I Saw in the Jungles of Buena Vista Costa RicaMy Profile

  8. So glad I stopped buying courses last year. There was no point since I only applied a few of them. I think we tend to go thru the shiny syndrome when we are learning & hope for a fast fix.

  9. I was a course junkie starting out. I felt bad that I couldn’t sign up for every course that I wanted. Then I realized that all this information gets recycled. So, Now I’m much more selective in what I sign up for.
    Joyce Hansen recently posted…Are you a Buy Now clicker?My Profile

  10. Hi Rachel 🙂

    Great post! I USED to be a course junkie but I since have smarten up! What so many do not understand why this or that is not working for them is the fact that it is NOT the “new” thing it is THEM that makes it work 😉 The more time you put into learning something, the more successful at it you will be.

    Awesome share!
    Joan M Harrington recently posted…Really Powerful Content Creation The Writing ProcessMy Profile

  11. I like her suggestion. Never thought of isolating an area needed for growth instead of emotional buying. I shall implement that one.. thank you!

  12. Hello Rachel

    I love your post! And I love courses as well, but there comes a point where you’ve built up enough knowledge to move on and to start taking action. It’s important to know when to stop educating yourself and start using that knowledge you’ve built up for better success.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    – G
    Gerhard Homveld recently posted…Free Directory Submission List 2016 [Blog Edition]My Profile

    • I enrolled in an expensive group coaching program last year with a big-named coach. Week after week I found myself disappointed because I was not learning anything that I did not already know. In about the ninth week realized that I already knew enough…I was ready 🙂

  13. Hi Rachel,
    good post.
    I love to learn but never was a course junkie and always was careful about this.
    I know in our time people often go for shiny objects and never finish or
    even look at it. Good to pay attention to the suggestions the video.
    Thank you
    Erika Mohssen – Beyk recently posted…Being A Misfit And The Story Of An ElephantMy Profile

  14. As a life-long lover of learning, I trust my intuition when it comes to what programs or courses to step into, especially at this point in my life. There are definitely a LOT of courses to choose from and as someone who much prefers workshops in the real world, where real people gather together in person, I find I’m not as attracted to online programs where there is very little interaction between group members. Life is a playground for learning too, so I find I am always open and always learning just by virtue of going through the course of my days. There is no shortage of things we already know and yet the success comes when we put into the action what we already have learned. Thanks for the reminder Rachel! Discernment is so important.
    Beverley Golden recently posted…Hippie: Think Values Not LifestyleMy Profile

  15. Most of the learning I do online is free, after a Google search. These types of courses (or one-and-done tidbits) are great for immediate fixes. When I come to a gigantic roadblock, I am much more likely to invest in coaching to get me over the hump…or find a new direction. I love the personal interaction that you cannot get with online courses.

  16. There is so much noise online today and it is very easy to become a course junkie! I believe in learning and investing in myself and business, but I am very careful how and when I do it. Great post. Unfortunately, I was unable to hear the audio. But this is a great topic!

  17. So very well said Rachel!

    And we’ve all been there & done that!LOL!
    Typically, just as you pointed out, once the newness of our latest venture starts to fade,
    those of us, who are more excited about starting a new business venture, then we are
    about doing what’s totally necessary, to actually run and continuously grow a business,
    we start looking for the next pick me up!

    And on and on the process goes! And over time, you discover, that all you’ve really accomplished
    is, spent a bunch time and other extremely valuable resources, starting and stopping!

    But never really progressing! Thanks for putting things in the proper perspective!
    Mark recently posted…Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Try To Create A Starving Crowd They Just Get In Front Of A Ready Made One!Part TwoMy Profile

  18. Good post – I think that asking “What metric will I use to determine if this was money/time well spent” would help determine if a course of action is good for our business. I went to a huge convention last year to promote my latest book, and read a considerable amount on that form of advertising/promotion. One thing I found mind-blowing is that studies show that over 80% of new-contact info is lost from advertising and vendor booths as soon as the convention is over. For any type of convention. So… if a vendor establishes a contact with a potential customer at a convention…chances are the $ spent to establish that convention is wasted. Small wonder we flit from project to project if we don’t stop to analyze what’s working – and follow through with it! Excellent post!

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