6 Blunders Female Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Stuck, Stressed & Strapped

6 Blunders Female Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Stuck, Stressed & Strapped

In my coaching practice I have found that there seems to be 6 blunders female entrepreneurs make that keep them stuck, stressed and strapped for cash in their businesses.  

Think of the blunders listed below and rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being a small problem for you and 5 being a big problem. This brief exercise will help you prioritize the blunders that need correction in order for you to create success in your business quickly:

Blunder 6: Not connecting and sharing on social media in ways that allow you to capitalize. 

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]

Blunder 5: You are not planning and creating content that aligns with your services or products.  

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]

Blunder 4: You fail to launch or release all of your services or ideas out into the world.  

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]

Blunder 3: Undervaluing yourself by not charging what you are worth

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]


Blunder 2: Not having a systematic approach to marketing

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]

Blunder 1: You have not consciously decided that you will take advantage of the many opportunities you have with your subscriber list.

[1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]



Focus on the mistakes that you rated at "3" and above. Work on mastering ONLY ONE of these blunders per week so that you do not become even more overwhelmed.  Keep it up and you will avoid the 6 blunders female entrepreneurs make.

Building a thriving business does not have to be a wish, hope, or prayer–it should be a reality.  Register for the free  "6 Blunders Female Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Stuck, Stressed & Strapped" series.  It is a success tool to help you stop making expensive blunders and start earning the money you deserve.  Simply complete the mini-form below to register:







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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. This is an excellent article for the male or female entrepreneur. I especially like the rating scale. However, I did a five on one of the items 🙁
    Dr. Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…How Sex Hormones Act on the Brain By Dr. Mark HymanMy Profile

  2. I love it, especially the last one. Sometimes, we doubt ourselves too much that we do not consider our true worth and that of our ideas! IN some cases, we are just scared that our ideas might not be considered good enough by others.

  3. This is awesome!! I would really like to work on my social media presence and be as authentic to my true self as possible.

  4. Yeah… definitely slacking with the newsletter department. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now so there is no more time available for excuses. Thanks for lighting a fire in me this morning!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I love second one, so true. The whole list was a good reminder!

  6. Wow ! This is so helpful. Love this post . Thanks for sharing .


  7. I am so guilty of 2 of these being major problems for me!! The exercise was helpful! Thank you.

  8. Thought provoking questions – very pointed ones at that. Thank you for showing the mirror and letting us see our own mistakes 🙂

  9. Jena Proctor :

    This is very beneficial and makes you stop and analyze what you are doing as an entrepreneur. The rating scale is very helpful.

  10. You are spot on with these tips! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what avenues to invest time in.

  11. I’ve learned many of these the hard way. This is very helpful to keep me doing it right!

  12. Hello Rachel! Awesome post my friend! I loved the way you had us prioritize the blunders! This was just the kick in the but I needed today.. Great Share..
    Chery :))

  13. Always love entrepreneur ideas and help since I am a young person trying to start a business. Thanks for the quiz it really makes you think!

  14. These are great tips and exactly where I am…I am not monetizing after 2 years on my blog….there is so much information overload and trying to keep it up with a full time job is causing some serious burn out!

    Thanks for sharing!


  15. Love these questions. Thank you so much. I am sharing it with my female entrepreneur friends. I’m sure they’d find it as much useful 🙂

  16. Very helpful and inspiring! I will definitley bookmark this to come back later on again! Thank you

  17. These are great questions. It is helpful to take a step back sometimes and look at what you are actually doing. 🙂

  18. As a new blogger I think all of these items are big problems for me! Thank you for providing this list. I think I’ll sit town and try to make a map/plan that addresses some of these issues.

  19. I am definitely guilty of not charging enough for my services. But I am aware of it, and getting better at pricing myself competitively!

  20. What a great article for entrepreneurs. I do not take advantage of my subscribers list as much as I should.

  21. I would say that all except number 3 apply to a lot of men too. I do think there is a bigger lack of valuing oneself amongst women though for sure.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…What Should I Blog About?My Profile

  22. This is a good read. They do not apply on at the corporate scene but also even at home.

  23. I think it would be wrong to say that some of these points only apply to females, it’s even true for men out there. We all need to polish our self one way or another.

  24. Your six all too common blunders unfortunately don’t just apply to female entrepreneurs Rachel!LOL!

    Because as I read them , I definitely had to acknowledge, I need to make
    a necessary tweaks!LOL!

    It sounds like you’ve created an incredibly helpful resource, by offering
    your audience, a very customized workshop!I wish you much success with it!
    Mark recently posted…Being An Entrepreneur: Means Taking Advantage Of Power Marketing Leverage Opportunities!My Profile

  25. Hey Rachel, I am somewhere with almost all of them due to lack of consistency. However I am improving if I had to chose just one that really needs work would be #2. I have been working on my plan all weekend so that I have a duplicable system in place so I can outsource

  26. Ruth Johnson

    Interesting and useful article! Really inspiring. Thanks for the great share.

  27. Some will not succeed also because they are overwhelmed with information from what they had learned and read on other internet marketing gurus who sells them high price courses but in the end, it will not work and you end up frustrated.

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