5 Tips to Grow Your Business

5 Tips to Grow Your Business

If you are a small business owner, they you are always on the lookout for ways to quickly grow your business.

I’ve been in business since 2009 and I want to be really honest here.  It has not always been easy to grow my business, especially in the first couple of years. There was a lot of trial and error and many frustrating days of not making the money I was accustomed to making (in Corporate America) and that I knew I was worth.

But there was one thing I discovered that helped me grow my business and get clients pretty quickly.  Honestly, it just about trumps every other marketing strategy out there.  You may already know it, but if you don’t…it is public speaking.  Now, if you are cringing with fear, take a deep breath.  I get that you may not love speaking and recognize it is probably the number one fear of man.  In fact, I read that most people fear public speaking more than death.  What is up with that?

For small business owners who are selling themselves, the sure-fire way to grow your business really is to speak.  It increases your reach.  You are able to influence more people with your message.  You can become know as an expert in what you do.  Nothing works as well as speaking.

Now, here is the good news.  There are a variety of ways you can use speaking in your business.  You don't necessarily have to stand in front of a large audience to speak.  Other ways to speak are hosting a live webinar, teleseminar, Google Hangout, Skype Call, etc.

So today I wrote a short post to help you get started speaking to attract clients.

Why It Works

One reason that speaking is so powerful is that it requires self-confidence.  Not many people will do it. As I mentioned above, there are studies showing that, for many people, fear of public speaking ranks higher than their own death.  By taking an action that so many fear, you will stand out from most of your competitors.

Tips to Grow Your Business by Speaking

Following are five of my best tips to speak your way to more clients so you can grow your business quickly:

  1. Create a 20-minute signature talk that includes your story, great content and a call to action so listeners can take the next step with you and you can generate sales conversations.
  2. Re-purpose that same talk and host your own teleseminar or webinar online (so you can get clients without even leaving your house).
  3. Host your teleseminar or webinar monthly until you fill your practice.  This way you improve your speaking skills and have a leveraged way to generate more sales conversations.
  4. Partner with a colleague and share your talk with their audience.  This is a great way to build your list while getting in front of a new community.
  5. Expand your signature talk from 20 minutes to three hours and create a half-day workshop to give even more juicy content.  The longer the crowd spends time with you, the more they will love you and your content and be more likely to buy your offer.


You can do this.  You do not need to be a trained speaker.  You do not have to be a college graduate.  You do not need to be a certified speaker.  There are places for you to speak.  These are just excuses.  And if you are afraid out of your mind to set foot on a stage, consider doing it afraid.  

This post gives you an idea of how meeting professionals select their speakers.

Go ahead.  Write those tips down and use them today.  I want you to be extremely successful.


About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Great tips to reduce the overwhelm that lots of people bump against when they think about public speaking. Once again, breaking something down into do-able pieces wins the day! AND – thanks for bringing a little humor to this topic – yes, public speaking worse than death?? oh my goodness:)

  2. Just yesterday I was discussing a similar concept. For some people the webinar software can be a cost barrier that they can’t break. However, someone mentioned Blab as a free platform. What do you think of it? What platform would you recommend?

    • Hi Renee,
      There are plenty of webinar options to choose from depending on your needs. There are free and very low-cost options now, like Zoom. It’s best that you conduct a search and compare the numerous features

  3. I have found this to be oh-so true, Rachel. I speak at a lot of literary conferences, and from the beginning of my business, that’s helped it to grow. In fact, I’m giving the keynote opening speech at a conference on Friday!
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…Have You Checked In To See If You Are Happy?My Profile

  4. This is exactly what I am looking for today, Rachel. I’m looking to do some webinars online in the near future. I like your idea about patterning with a colleague. Thanks for sharing.

  5. In today’s world, we think speaking online thru webinars, Blabs & periscopes & even videos. I think public speaking , the key word being public is a great idea. A local library might welcome you and it is a small group to start off with. I was so nervous the first few times I did live workshops & gradually gained confidence & jitters disappeared. Great advice.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Really enjoyed reading this post. Very inspiring! You have given a wonderful set of ideas.

    At work, I spend a lot of time speaking to an audience due to the nature of my role. I am going to look for opportunities to speak and promote my blog in my spare time.


    • I’d be curious on how promoting your blog at speaking gigs works out Michael. Since most people don’t get excited about subscribing to a newsletter any longer, I wouldn’t think using a blog as a call to action would be beneficial to you.

  7. Hi Rachel – Boy, have you given me food for thought! I could go on & on here, but I am thinking about the podcast/webcast idea for the very first time now, thanks to you, & the ideas are churning! If nothing else, I’ll bet a person could have 20 second video enhancements to blog posts. I can imagine me in a 20 second video saying, “Hey guys – I’ve posted a new article that compares the pay of nurses to that of policemen & firemen. Not only that, but I’ve added the latest data available about workplace violence for those groups …. check it out and please tell me what you think!”
    My hairdresser would certainly see me on a more regular basis if I thought I was presenting myself to the general public for my blogs! Longer videos & podcasts & eventual public speaking would be bigger steps – but it would seem to me a natural progression, and it could be fun!

  8. Speaking is a great way to promote your business. These are great tips on creating an engaging speech to help you grow your business.

  9. Rachel, I agree that speaking would boost my business, but I really don’t know where to find speaking engagements locally for a health coach. The other thing that is holding me back is technology for doing a webinar/teleseminar. Not sure how to do it. That is on my list of things to learn this summer after I am finished with my schooling for interpreting labs for hormones and digestive issues.

    • Health clubs, fitness centers, yoga studios, libraries, hospitals/clinics….endless possibilities. Statistics report that are at least 45,000 speaking opportunities in the United States every day. Ask your clients where they go to get information, hear talks, and learn about _______ (your area of expertise). Regarding technology, there a several very simple platforms these days. I suggest selecting one and setting up a test webinar with a friend

  10. I love your first tip especially – having a signature talk ready is not only useful for public speaking, but networking in general. Having a clear idea of how to present your business when someone asks what you do is so important. I’m keen to learn more about presenting webinars as they seem to be increasing in popularity – more to learn, which is a good thing. Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  11. Oh, thank you! This message comes at such a great time. TODAY I am hosting the first in a series of public speaking events for women entrepreneurs. Not because I’m an expert in public speaking, but because I wanted to create more opportunities for myself and other women entrepreneurs to practice, practice, practice public speaking.

  12. Wow, never would have known, but then again how would I. I love to talk and while a little nervous, not a big deal for me. But great tips
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Why You Shouldn’t Use ‘Click Here’ as Anchor TextMy Profile

  13. You’re so right, Rachel. People want to know you by seeing a real person. The 20 min signature talk is fantastic. It always gives us something to go back on and feel confident about. Which is true of whatever we know best. The idea of partnering and sharing an audience is so good. I’ll be using that in the near future.

  14. I kind of fell off the speaking wagon for a while. But, I like the webinar idea as a great way to start again. Thanks for lighting my fire.

  15. This makes it sound so very easy, Rachel! As someone who is always sharing and always able to talk off the top of my head, I do a lot of radio shows and podcasts and find I am at my best, when I literally “wing it” and let the conversation flow and take it in the direction that feels right in the moment. As a Conversational SparkPlug, I have no fear of talking in front of other people either. People have asked me why I don’t get out and “speak” to people in a more formal way and I’ve been encouraged to start my own radio show or podcast, because of my curiosity about a wide range of topics and about people. I’m not one for “scripted” material and even in the art and writing workshop I co-created, we had a quasi script and then let it unfold based on our group participants. Lots of food for thought for me in this post, as I am moving more into the health and wellness arena and seem to be talking to people all the time about that anyways. Maybe some public speaking is in my future.
    Beverley Golden recently posted…Health is Truly a Matter of Choice(s)My Profile

    • Oh my Beverley…I do admire your ability to speak off the cuff. I love my scripts LOL. I joined Toastmasters again and, as you may know, they allot time for Table Topics so that we can sharpen our ability to do just that.

  16. Wow. Fantastic! I’m a public speaking coach (among other things) and I’ve got the “how to” tips down cold. Love the way you’ve taken that a step further and shown how you can use public speaking to pump up your business. Definitely sharing tis!

  17. Hi Rachel 🙂

    Fantastic tips on how important public speaking is for not only your business but for your own personal skill 🙂 Thank you for sharing as this is something I really need to get into and start doing. I did do a 90 day video marketing challenge once and I really enjoyed it, will have to get back to it, sooner than later! Appreciate the inspiration 🙂
    Joan M Harrington recently posted…How To Know If You Are A Marketing RockstarMy Profile

  18. That’s really important tips to begin and grow the business. It is going to help many ones for sure, Thanks.

  19. Very important and useful tips. Growing and maintain a business online is not an easy task. But, you provide the correct tips here. Thanks.
    Paul recently posted…Track Stolen Laptop with IP Address/PreyMy Profile

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