10 Strategies to Get New Clients

10 Strategies to Get New Clients

Face it.  Sometimes you run out of strategies to get new clients.If you are reading this post, chances are you are a talented business owner. You are great at what you do and you are passionate about it.  But because you are so passionate about it, you may not have all of the clients you want.  If this sounds familiar, this post may help.  

Please do not underestimate the power of the following 10 strategies to get new clients. They WORK!

1.  Book your own speaking engagement or two-hour workshop in your community.  

This is my favorite of the strategies to get new clients.  You can use your living room, a local community or health center, chiropractor’s office or day spa. Promote your workshop through email to your community, on Craigslist, in the local newspaper, hanging fliers, etc. Deliver your signature talk (be sure to include powerful examples of client successes) and sign people up for discovery sessions.

  • Ask local healing centers or day spas to promote to their lists in exchange for a percentage of sales
  • Use Event-Brite for registration/ticketing
  • If you are hanging fliers, Whole Foods Markets or natural food stores, bookstores, heath clubs, gyms and healing centers are great places to find appropriate bulletin boards

2. Create a gift certificate for a complimentary discovery session with you. Give these out in your community.  

They can be printed on the back of a business card or on postcards from Vistaprint.com or a simple word document, but be sure to use a graphic of some sort. Leave these at appropriate places but, most importantly, give them to your referral partners and current clients. (See No. 3)

3. Ask current clients for referrals.

A great thing to say at the end of a session if it is authentic is: “I’ve enjoyed working with you so much! I’m wondering if you know of anyone who would benefit from a complimentary session with me? I have a few spots open and wanted to be sure to share these (gift certificates) with you because I would love to have more clients like you!”

4. Call old clients  

Offer them a complimentary (or discounted) check-in session. Ask how they’re doing. They will probably be glad to hear from you!

5. Inquire about speaking engagements with existing networking groups or Meetup Groups in your community.

Great places to inquire are: the Chamber of Commerce, E-Women’s Network, LEADS groups, networking groups and groups where people in your “niche” or your “Ideal Clients” would hang out like Mom’s groups or Women’s Groups.
6. Reach out and connect with referral partners.

Networking groups are a great way to find referral partners. When I first got started, I received a ton of clients from a hair stylist who was a referral partner and I sent her referrals too. It can be so much easier to promote someone else than promoting yourself so make friends with people who want to swap promotions.

7. Telephone people who would be great referral partners and gift them with a session so it is easier for them to refer to you.

After reconnecting with them, say something like: “I bet you didn’t know I am a business coach” or… “I bet you didn’t know I am a mentor for single moms”.  Call them up and ask to gift them with  a session so that they can keep you in mind for future referrals.

8. Use Groupon.com to advertise your services and get some clients in the door at a lower rate for bodywork or consulting.

If this fits for what you are up to, it can be powerful.  Be sure to give great value but leave some time for the discovery session questions and let your clients know how they can work with you for a deeper transformation. But be careful–you can end up with more clients than you bargained for and undervalue yourself with this strategy, but it can also be a powerful way to enroll clients and get some momentum.

9. Host a teleseminar and market it online.

Use your signature talk and adapt the content to a phone call style, you can include a webinar with slides and show these slides through Google docs or easyseminar.com with your conference call line. Promote this teleseminar on Facebook, social media and through email and joint venture partners. Offer discovery sessions or your group program on the call.

10. Find people who are serving clients in a similar way to you, and ask them for a 15-minute informational interview.

You can search for people online or in your community. For instance, one of my clients wanted to serve corporate leaders so she conducted informational interviews with corporate coaches she found online and received a ton of tips regarding how to get clients. People are often up for informational interviews because they like to be the expert!  Sometimes they say “no” and that is okay too.  Taking someone out to lunch is also a great strategy.



About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. These are great ideas. I particularly like the suggestion of using Groupon.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I like your ideas for finding new clients.

    Often people misunderstand the purpose of local networking groups. I attend one regularly and it always makes me sad to see how many people attend just one meeting and never return – presumably because they took no orders on the day.

    What they didn’t realise was that the “value” of of the people you meet is in the relationships you build up over the months, so that a fellow member may one day say to THEIR contacts: “Oh I have a friend who does that business”. Exactly as you described above.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  3. These are such great strategies to get new clients, thanks for the share!

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Love your 10 strategies, something for everyone to try and up their game 🙂
    Before anything we need to communicate with our clients.
    Thank you for sharing!
    emi recently posted…How To Come Up With Unique Content Idea For Your Blog?My Profile

  5. These are all great strategies for getting new clients, Rachel. When I ran my arts and crafts school I used to do free workshops at schools and the local neighbourhood centre to let people know the kinds of creations we made. That helped me get a lot of new clients.

  6. Rachel,
    A good article on how to obtain client’s by calling old ones that you had and keeping up with communicating and networking with others. I really enjoyed the tips you provided were helpful and thanks for the reminder and new ideas.

  7. Wonderful strategies, Rachel! Speaking truly does wonders. I speak at a lot of literary conferences, and always have new editorial clients come from them.
    Susan Mary Malone recently posted…You Can’t Trust That Liberal Media, Right?My Profile

  8. Great ideas Rachel. If you don’t mind doing it, public speaking I think is particularly powerful. I tried Groupon once but found that a bit of a headache and didn’t like their terms.

  9. I agree with getting out there and cultivating speaking engagements. Works for me every time!

  10. Love the idea of a gift certificate. You just gave me a bunch of ideas with just that one suggestion! While I’m transitioning out of the services industry and transitioning to the product side of things, I still need to attract people to my brand. Your list works for this too.

  11. Sonya Kolodziejska

    Fantastic tips here, i am bookmarking this to go over it (when the kids aren’t around) i know i could make use of these. Being new to what i do, i need to get out there more.

  12. Jackie Harder :

    Rachel, these are terrific ideas and I agree with all of these except Groupon. Groupon appeals to the bargain-basement types who are unlikely to use your product and service at a massive discount, then come back later and be willing to pay full price. I saw that over and over again when I was the CEO of the local chamber of commerce. Just not worth the aggravation.

  13. Great post and great strategies! I would also add to do some of these even if you are super busy – just never know when the well will run dry, and we have to keep priming the pump!

  14. I love every bit of this article! Some I still haven’t done! I’m thinking of holding a seminar because of this. Thanks!!

  15. These are awesome tips for getting new clients! Thanks so much for sharing your valuable strategies Rachel!

  16. I particularly like your suggestion to find a referral partner. Plus booking my own trunk show to showcase my designs would work well. Thanks for these ideas

  17. Great strategies. Doing one a week for 10 weeks could change a business. I have a meetup.com group called Spirituality. It has been really helpful for me with my events. Where I live we can use the library rooms for free. When I facilitate a group around my book, I use our County Library that allows us to charge and then I sell my book. If I am giving a free talk I use the City Library.

  18. Although I LOVE to speak to people, for some reason I haven’t actually taken the plunge and done it…yet. We have a local Healing Co-operative and I have an open invitation to be the guest at one of their monthly meetings, so perhaps that is a good place to begin. Especially as they all care about health and healing. I do followup with inactive clients and ask current clients for referrals, although I find neither of them are wonderfully successful. I am always networking though, listening to people’s needs and offering support and information whenever it applies. Several people have become clients after a long period of being ‘dripped’ information this way. Sometimes it does take patience too. 🙂 Thanks for the great tips, Rachel!
    Beverley Golden recently posted…You Say You Want a RevolutionMy Profile

  19. I would never do Groupon or recommend it as you are giving away 75% of your income to get a client who is only going to go to another Groupon business the next time. Plus, it’s not my type of industry for Groupon.

    I do agree that networking and word of mouth tend to be my bread and butter… guess I am doing something right! lol
    Kristen Wilson recently posted…Cut Your Blog Writing in HALF with this One Tip!My Profile

  20. I like your tips with the exception of Groupon. For me as a health coach, it feels like I don’t value my services enough that I want to discount them on Groupon. I guess I know myself and others who expect the lower price once they are able to buy it on Groupon. I am sure this might work for some people, but that one isn’t for me. :)t

  21. Hello Rachel! I loved all 10 of your strategies for getting new clients, not time to put them to action..

    Great Share
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  22. Hi Rachel

    These ideas you shared are great and will do the job of getting new clients. Thank you for sharing your insight. Take Care
    ikechi recently posted…5 Common Thinking Errors That Prevents You From Standing Out From The CrowdMy Profile

  23. Thanks for sharing another totally outstanding post Rachel!

    All ten of your low cost, high powered marketing strategies totally rock!

    You definitely need to add a guerrilla marketing style workshop, tele-semiar and or
    webinar to your already proven marketing arsenal!LOL!

    Because your powerful ten suggestions, are not only extremely creative, but there also
    relatively low cost and incredibly practical as well!

    My creative marketing mind is definitely racing!LOL! Thanks! This is more than enough proven
    material, to move anyone whose serious, off center in a major way!Thanks!
    Mark recently posted…How This Major Marketing Mistake Constantly Hurts Small Business Owners!My Profile

  24. Hi Rachel,

    We often get trapped in the same old marketing strategies, and your ideas can certainly get us taking advantage of new opportunities.

  25. Mindy Iannelli

    Rachel, you have some great ideas here. Holding some short, informative workshops is on my list for the next year.

  26. Tandy Elisala

    Great ideas here! I love your blog:-) I’ve tried groupon and one other local coupon place and didn’t have much luck with those but have heard some niches work well with that. Visibility is my 2017 theme and I just started my own Meetup group and have 2 in person events planned in January! Whoo Hoo.

  27. Jennifer Quisenberry

    I love the idea of creating your own opportunities. I come from an independent film background, and that was exactly the spirit we worked from. Create! Create! Create! Don’t wait for someone to open the door for you. Open it yourself.

  28. Seem like good ways to find new clients, though you would of course need to know before hand what sort of speech you are delivering.

  29. I really like your suggestions about speaking to local groups. I haven’t done that in a long time, and since I just moved to a new state/town a couple of months ago that would be a great way to begin getting to know the local businesses. Something else that has worked well for me is being an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…The Reality We Must Accept Before We Can Improve Our LifeMy Profile

  30. Hi Rachel ,
    good Ideas and strategies for getting new clients.
    I think the speaking engagement are very effective.
    If one is good and inspiring in an event like this, it
    sure will bring new clients and referrals.
    Thank you

  31. Awesome list i will try to use some of them to get new work, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. Great ideas! Seminars are definitely a good way to go. They’re unmatched for getting a dozen or more ideal prospects in the same room at the same time.

  33. Oh, my, lots of good ideas here! I typically spend time visiting online job boards, but had not thought about a lot of these ideas you shared. Thanks!

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