Make PLR Content Uniquely Yours in 10 Easy Steps

Make PLR Content Uniquely Yours in 10 Easy Steps

If you read Content Keeps Your Blog Readers Happy , you may realize that using PLR products is a smart business strategy if you are looking to save time and money, grow your business and make more money.  
PLR products can help you get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes to create content and information products.
Most PLR products allow you to change the content in any way you see fit. However, this is not always the case so read the license before you buy them from a new provider.  For the purposes of this post, we will assume that you have the right to change, rebrand, and repurpose your content in any manner you desire.
plr aug12One of the drawbacks often cited by critics of PLR products is the fact that the content is sold to several  people.  One eBook can potentially be sold to 500 different business owners  which, by the laws of supply and demand, would make the product less valuable to you and to your prospects.  The solution is to make  the PLR content you purchase uniquely yours through a variety of  simple steps that will take you much less time than it would to create original content.
Following are some ways to make PLR products uniquely yours:  
Create a title that fits your website and your voice.  A great title can be the most important part of the content, whether it is an article or a software product. Keywords are important; however, catching the eye of potential visitors and clients is even more valuable.
Make the opening paragraph unique.  This is particularly important when considering page rank. The opening paragraph should re-written in your  own voice or style.
Consider changing around the body of the article or product.  You may do this by rearranging paragraphs,  switching up sections or by changing phrases to reflect your own experiences.
Add your own links.  Look for opportunities to link to your website, your affiliate links and products. You may need to add specific phrases to make using your own links feasible.
Insert keywords and keyword phrases.  Use those words related to your websites and products.
Combine multiple PLR products.  You can combine multiple products or sections of those products, into one unique product.  Take sections of similar articles and make one new article. Use several related articles to create an eBook. Take the best parts of three different PLR eBooks and combine them into one high quality eBook that you can sell.
Rewrite the closing paragraph.  These will be the last words that your customer will read. Make them stand out and your products will also stand out.
Get personal.  Share personal stories or examples. This not only makes the content unique, it helps you forge a personal relationship with your prospect. This is important for building your brand and increasing your likeability.
Repurpose it.  Change the format of the content.  A few minor twists and turns can help you turn your PLR into profitable information products in no time flat.   You can really stretch them by making more changes in different areas.
Maximize your investment.  One 50-page eBook can be used to create at least 50 articles or blog posts.  You can use that same eBook to create five reports or an online course.  An article can be used to create an eBook or report series. An eBook can be used as a bonus product, such as a list building giveaway or as an information product to market your business.
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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Excellent advice Rachel, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Oh yea!!!!!

    And don't forget to have a new graphic created.

    Plus, the content can be used to create social media posts, audio tips, videos, etc.

    Love It Rachel!

    Dr. Linette Montae recently posted…So, how are you managing your time?My Profile

  3. Love this post Rachel. Excellent advice that I will definately be using in the near future. Thank you.

  4. Rachel Hall

    Some brilliant ideas Rachel, have bought them in the

    past and have never really used them to my best

    advantage, thanks for the advice.

    Rachel Hall recently posted…What Is Your Niche?My Profile

    • I, too, have purchased PLR content and have not used it.  Unfortunately, the content is often not up to my standards.

  5. Very interesting advice Rachel. Thanks for sharing,


  6. This is great info! I used to snub my nose at PLR, but I've found I really like it to kick-start ideas for my own blog posts, to combine several articles into my own unique list, and especially to get good tweets or quotes for social media. Thanks for all the ideas! 

    Amethyst recently posted…Resting for Your BusinessMy Profile

    • I had forgotten about using it in tweets…sadly, that is all I can glean from it sometimes.

  7. Keri Kight

    Rachel, you have opend my eyes to a whole new world.  I seriously am brand new to the idea of PLR, but you've got me very curious about the idea.  I still a little weird about it, because the idea is strange to me.  I wouldn't want to buy it, and then find out that several other blogs have the same content.  I'll have to put some more thought into it.  Thank you for the information.  I can never complain about learning something new. 🙂

    Keri Kight recently posted…Taking Care of Your Physical Form – Part 1My Profile

    • I share the concern about a lot of other bloggers using the same content.  Several PLR sites will indicate how many have already been sold.  Some sites will only sell at a predetermined number before pulling it–similar to limited edition artwork.

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