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Welcome to

      THE Online Resource for mid-life women who are ready to build a booming online business–without losing your mind or your money!


I am Rachel Lavern, the Online Biz Boomer Babe.  I specialize in online business development, mindset mastery and technical pampering for women like you who are ready to launch their lucrative online business.   


Whether this is your first time launching an online business, or you have been trying without success for years, I am here to transform your business from struggling to success.  From beginning to BOOMING!

If you have spent countless hours performing exhaustive online searches about how to build a booming online business that provides more financial freedom and flexibility, look no further.   


If you are a woman building an online business who is: 

  • Feeling a major case of information overload

  • Purchased training after training but are no closer to reaching your business goals

  • Tired of pretending you know how to do it all and ready to confess that you don't

‚Äč    then you can drop your super-hero cape and relax.

You are not supposed to have all of the answers.  But you DO need to know how – and when – to ask for help.

If that time is now (and it probably is), I offer a variety of affordable programs to get you launched and live in no time:


    Ready to move your online business from chaos to confident? My Get Launched + Live signature system will take you and your business from struggle to success in record time! When you recognize what has to be done and then implement those things in a strategic, step-by-step process, everything turns around for you. By knowing the right things to focus on, you will create a booming online business and get your life back. Isn't it time to get out of your own way and actually build and launch that thing you've been thinking about? [Learn more]



    If you have tried and failed before, you may find yourself waking up every morning and wondering how will it be different THIS time? If you can relate, don't throw in the towel. It is time for Mindset Mastery! Are you aware that that 96 percent of what drives your results is UNCONSCIOUS? Get rid of the head trash! Together we can identify the beliefs and blocks that have kept you from achieving the results you want, as well as the tools necessary to transform you into a profitable online entrepreneur with a booming business! [Learn more]




    Does technology easily overwhelm you? Feel like you can never keep up with your competition because you just do not possess the necessary tech savvy? You want to create a booming online business but you are postponing it because you feel daunted. You don't think you have the skills to put up a blog, website, use social media or any of the other effective online marketing tactics. Giving carte blanche to your fear of technology will hold you back. Consider me your Tech Maven. I help you decompress the technostress while finding easy, affordable, and implementable solutions to your specific technical needs. [Learn more]


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